Selecting the best company to maintain your WordPress website is tough nowadays…

Some people rely their decisions on the company’s reviews, while others research more than five possibilities before making a choice.

The next section will examine TechBear, what we’re able to provide, and how we differ from our competitors.

Who/What is TechBear?

TechBear is what YOU need! Renowned for its helpful customer service, flawless design, approachable project management, and overall a successful track record of delivering over 1200+ WordPress-powered websites.

Why Choose TechBear?

Our experience spans nearly a decade and we have worked across many industries, so we handle projects of all sizes with ease!

We are not focusing on any particular industry, but in overall WordPress work which lead to forming a very skillful and knowledgeable team that can meet pretty much any WordPress requirement.

Below, you will find 10 reasons why we think TechBear is your perfect choice!

1) Fixed Hourly Rate Across ALL Departments
There are several departments within TechBear, each of which performs a particular task. No matter what service you require from us, our hourly rate will never change.

2) Work Is Billed/Prorated To Ten Minutes Only
Because sometimes you only need a quick fix that can be done in a few minutes – we only begin billing after just 10 minutes! This assures you will have control over your expenses and there won’t be any hidden costs.

3) No Ongoing Costs
Cap our hours, and you’ll be able to remain on top of your spending at all times. If we hit the limit – We will then submit a report outlining where we are, what has to be done, how much more time we anticipate it will take, and so on.

4) WordPress Expertise
TechBear works with WordPress exclusively. Over 500 websites are being built daily on the platform, thus we believe yours should be developed for a WordPress-driven digital environment as well.

5) Dedicated Project Management
Get expert advice! Our Project Managers will be your point of contact, and you will be able to have conference calls, share screens, and ask for any suggestions or ideas for your project.

6) Excellent Availability
TechBear will remain at your disposal! Due to our great availability and large team we are able to step right in whenever you need us.

7) Quickest Turnaround
TechBear works diligently and responsibly! That means we solve tasks in real time and don’t take any longer than necessary to complete any given task. When we receive a request, in most cases we turn it around in 48h or less, depending on the complexity of the request.

8) Transparent Billing Process
If you choose TechBear, you’ll get access to our billing portal where you can track the payments and hours spent on your projects.
By using the portal, you can see who from the team did what, when, how long it took and you can also check/print your invoices.

9) Compensation After Referral
Know someone who can benefit from our services? – Simply refer us and we will credit your account with $100 worth of development time, and your referral will also get $100 to use when/as required.

10) Worldwide Coverage
Our development offices are located throughout Europe, while our main office is in North Carolina, USA. TechBear has all the tools needed to give you the same level of service as if we were physically present.

Who Is TechBear For?

Every WordPress website owner!

From SME’s that want a modern sleek website, large companies in need of a remote IT team to take care of their site, to agencies alike that cannot handle their workflow and need a helping hand (please contact us directly for more info on our White-Label Program).

How Do I Get Started?

Easy! You just need to get in touch with our Team – and we will make it our business to become your one-stop shop for all your online needs. Email: [email protected]

You can send us a message or SIGN UP HERE directly
NOTE: There are no costs related to signing up with us, keeping an active account with, or closing your account with TechBear at any given point in time.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!



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