On the day of Halloween, TechBear brings you a true delight to satisfy your need for the scary and ominous. After all, if you think about it, is there really a better place to find your fair share of scare than the Internet? We hope you’ll find the following weird and creepy websites as interestingly bizarre as we did. Enjoy!

Point-and-click madness

Interested in exploring the world of point-and-click games on this creepy night? Your evening at home may become a bit more jumpy or a tad less relaxing once you start clicking away. But for a true lover of oddities, these games are a true delight.

1. Hotel 626

We can’t talk about weird and creepy websites or point-and-click games for that matter, without starting our list with the famous (or notorious?) Hotel 626 game. It can only be played between 6 pm and 6 am. Basically, it’s the best horror game – you’re never going to play. There are no working links currently, but pay attention. The owner of the game likes to surprise the fans and other interested souls in need of a good fright by putting it back online from time to time. Maybe today is our lucky day?

2. White Enamel

I am not I; thou art not he or she; they are not they. – Evelyn Waugh

If you like your point-and-click games, then by all means, don’t miss the opportunity to check out White Enamel. The story takes you through the mental asylum that you get to explore. Definitely one of the most exciting Halloween experiences available online.

3. The House

The deserted house was built in 1970. It was reported that all family members killed themselves, yet no one knows the reasons for the suicides. After such events occurring, no one has ever entered this house ever again. Will you get inside?

4. 99 rooms

Just like the game name suggests, you get to explore 99 rooms. However, the bizarre vibe and occurrences are some of the eeriest point-and-click moments you’re going to find online.


Weird and creepy websites

5. Creepypasta

If you’re in need of some truly amazing yet equally scary stories that are just perfect for your Halloween gathering or your own private fright, there’s absolutely no other source of scare quite like Creepypasta. There are literally tons of stories you can choose to read this night (or any other night if you’re brave like that). What’s more, those of you who enjoy a good horror but don’t really like reading will definitely find this YouTube channel quite amusing.

6. Scary for kids

Your kids want some scary stories this evening but you’re not sure what to tell them? After all, you want to avoid the gore and the fright of the usual, grownup tales of fright, don’t you? Problem solved. There’s a kid-friendly version of your creepy story-telling websites as well. However, pay attention to the stories you choose. There’s a great mix of everything on scaryforkids.com once you start looking around.

7. Zoom Quilt

Not only do you have a thing for the bizarre but you also have an artistic soul? Well, zoomquilt.org may just turn out to be one of your favorite weird and creepy websites out there. You get to see the truly magnificent artwork that constantly zooms in front of your eyes and reveals something new and strange.

8. Bongcheon Dong Ghost

The dark side of the Web has something for everyone. That being said, comic lovers who like a bit of a scare as a surprise element will definitely enjoy this particular webtoon. Just remember to scroll slowly and have your volume up.

9. 9 eyes

Ever wondered what kind of images Google Street View cameras actually capture? Want to check the strange, mysterious and downright bizarre of the human world? Then visit 9-eyes.com and enjoy the most unusual moments of our time. This may not be your usual horror-inspired website but it definitely doesn’t lack the creepy and weird vibes.

10. News of future

Now, this is definitely one of the true gems on this list. However, if you don’t like to think about the possibilities of the future ahead of us, you may not fully enjoy this website. On the other hand, if you’re interested in reading about both cool and unnerving news crafted according to civilization’s current behavior, you may end up spending hours here and rethinking your entire life.

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