TechBear Reaches Its 10,000th Support Ticket!

Our team at TechBear has grown, and so has the scope of our work and the number of support tickets! Great customer service makes everything possible and so we celebrate the 10,000th support ticket that truly marks an important milestone for TechBear. 

What makes us different

We wanted to make a change and grow our IT business with a live support of on-call project managers who represent the soul of our business. In that sense, TechBear aimed to become something more human than just a website building service. Thanks to everyone on our team, the numbers clearly show that we’ve made it. 

Customer service may not be the easiest aspect of the business, especially when you have many different requests to deal with at the same time, but TechBear took the challenge knowing that this day will definitely come.

The power of teamwork 

TechBear’s dream teams include sales, project management, digital marketing, development, graphic design and content creation, and they all work together to provide the customers with the best possible service and help each other out at the same time. Being there for one another makes it possible for us to be there for the clients as well, which was the mindset that helped us reach our 10,000th support ticket. 

Continuous growth

While we may still be a relatively young and small company, we are proud to have grown considerably in a short period of time. From just one project manager to take on every client we had in the beginning to the whole team of five project managers within just one year, we have made our way in the website-building niche with the help of quality customer support. The same applies for our development team who are making every day at TechBear closer to new goals and success. 

It’s not just our clients that benefit from our support team, but every other team in the company as well. Everyone gets familiar with the tasks better and the nature of the client’s work. Moreover, there’s less room for mistakes which saves us a lot of time and boosts the efficiency of TechBear’s growth. 

Looking forward to the future

Reaching the 10,000th support ticket may not sound too amazing compared to some really big and established companies out there, but for the TechBear company that’s only 2 years old, this is a huge step forward and a sign that we’re truly making a difference with the way we do things. 

TechBear’s team is not so much driven by metric goals as it is by specific projects. Of course, seeing a big number like the one we’re celebrating todays is always pleasant and rewarding. However, with our focus on the nature of the projects during the week, we are able to provide the necessary solutions more effectively. There’s no need or time to worry about the metrics when we have a client to assist.  

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