One of the most important things for educational institutions is to improve their communication. This includes communication with parents, students, teachers, and other faculty staff. Turning to technology is the best possible way to adjust to the educational necessities today. TechBear has already talked about the benefits of using Google Apps for Education. In the following text, we’ll present you with the main reasons to use Google Hangouts for schools as one of the easiest and most efficient ways to boost communication.

1. New learning possibilities for the students

It’s not uncommon that schools organize speeches and lectures from successful people within their community as well as other scholars that can help the students learn something not typically presented in the classroom. However, even though they would gladly participate, some of these scholars simply cannot come to your school. This is where Google Hangouts for schools shows its true purpose – remote learning. If the scholar is willing to hold a lecture, they may as well hold it in front of the camera with your school’s Hangout group of students as an audience.

2. Use Google Hangouts to record videos

Google Hangouts has the option to record videos. The recordings may last up to eight hours. Therefore, this is a great way to record important activities and events in your school. This video material can be easily turned into a YouTube or a Facebook video as well.

3. Improve communication with the parents

It’s obvious that parents these days simply don’t have enough time to deal with parent-teacher meetings. However, by using Google Hangouts for schools, this can change for good. Essentially, when there’s no need for parents to actually come to school they won’t have to adjust their busy schedules drastically. Moreover, Google Hangouts, together with screen sharing, can be done on mobile devices. This means that parents and teachers can have their conversation about the child’s grades, behavior, hobbies and anything else that’s necessary for a parent to know.

4. Google Hangouts for schools means easy tutoring

Scholars outside the school are not the only ones who can organize their lectures through Google Hangouts. Actually, an even more important benefit of using Google Hangouts for schools involves the ease of extra tutoring help. Students and teachers don’t have to stay in the classroom hours after school is over for additional tutoring. It’s really easy to create a classroom group chat on Hangouts and further explain the current topics and subjects that students have to learn more about.

5. Organize board meetings on Google Hangouts

Just like parent-teacher meetings, you can easily organize PTA or board meetings online. This will definitely boost the engagement and increase the attendance.

Additional school communication channels:

1. Your education website

A great online presentation of your educational institution is still the most important communication channel there is. Essentially, nothing can boost the engagement rate and notify the interested parties about school updates as efficiently as a regularly updated website. A great website today has to be functional and user-friendly, with a responsive design. If your site meets the demands, parents and other visitors will be more likely to keep up with your school.

2. School mobile app

A school mobile app is one of the more significant education communication channels as well. However, no matter how useful it is, it still cannot replace your website. Basically, your website pages need to be properly integrated with the mobile app. The biggest benefit of a school mobile app involves push notifications. Still, don’t use these notifications for every little thing. To engage your target audience, send out only the most valuable and relevant push notifications.

3. Email

Your school has to use email as one of the main education communication channels simply because the majority of parents will actually pay attention to their inbox. There are various types of emails that you can send but whatever you decide, the content of your school emails should also be on your website. That way, you’ll effectively connect your communication channels and make it easier for the parents to get more info on the matter.

4. Social media

If we’re talking about communication, social media is definitely making the list. In general, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even Pinterest are definitely the main education communication channels when social media platforms are concerned. Keeping your profiles active will help you expand your reach effectively and engage with more parents, students and other members of the community. People check their social media even more often than their emails. In that respect, you have to make sure that your posting schedules as well as the content you post work in your favor.

5. School blog

Evert business taken online needs a blog, your school included. Of course, one of the main reasons is a more effective communication with your audience. In general, a good-quality, consistent blog is going to strengthen your authority as well as the bond with your readership and community. In that respect, sharing some serious as well as light-hearted material is essential for the engagement. Also, make sure to encourage discussions in the comment section of the blog.