In February 2019, Zoho has introduced its MarketingHub, a Zoho Marketing platform, and well-rounded software automation solution that will work wonders for Lead Management, Behavioral Targeting, Multi-Channel and Engagement Marketing as well as the Analytics. TechBear has already discussed the arrival of the Zoho MarketingHub in this post, and now’s the time to explain exactly how Zoho’s marketing platform empowers businesses and brings success.


An all-over nifty solution

For starters, Zoho MarketingHub is the ideal solution for marketers who have their hands full with a bunch of different apps and software. Essentially, Zoho’s marketing platform fully integrates with all of the Zoho essentials; these include Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Survey, Backstage, and Zoho Social. This is extremely important and useful for quick and efficient access and overall management of one’s marketing efforts and customer activity. What’s more, the platform also integrates with other rather paramount applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which makes the marketer’s job considerably easier and more productive.


Business benefit from Zoho’s marketing platform thanks to:

1. A multichannel marketing experience

Zoho’s marketing platform empowers businesses in the sense that it allows the efficient multichannel marketing experience. This means that technically, Zoho MarketingHub perfectly matches the needs of every serious business as it supports 20+ different channels used for marketing purposes. One can expect complete channel support for websites, social, events, email, ads, offline mode, and so on. The ability to cross-manage and -connect all of these aspects of a thorough business presence and marketing effort is a life saver for modern businesses.


2. Fully automated marketing functions based on customer behavior

Personalization and automation are everything when it comes to proper customer engagement in this day and age. That said, you can easily set up a text reminder for cart abandonment as well as a post-purchase survey that’s perfectly personalized based on the user’s preference. In that respect, you’ll be affecting the funnel directly but with the benefit of the personal approach. Something like this is highly regarded by contemporary users. Not to mention the time one should save on such a smooth automation process.


3. Engagement through a highly integrated marketing experience

Thanks to the efficiency that Zoho MarketingHub provides to the modern businesses, it’s rather simple to obtain the existing customer data as well as record fresh lead info. After all, complete integration with essential Zoho apps and big third-party applications (e.g. Shopify, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey) makes for quicker and more effective marketing activity.


4. Access built-in support

Implementing the actual marketing campaigns can be rather challenging and time-consuming for the marketers in this day and age. In that respect, Zoho’s marketing platform empowers businesses quite successfully as it comes with a bunch of useful built-in elements; these include prebuilt journeys, forms, templates, and counting! This nifty feature makes Zoho MarketingHub stand out from the crowd even more.


5. Sophisticated analytics tools to measure campaign success

One of the most useful and beneficial features of Zoho’s marketing platform for the marketers is the Hub’s analytics tool. Basically, using this feature lets you measure ROI as well as check out other important metrics for the marketing efforts. Of course, as one can expect, the analytics successfully delivers reports across channels. This is essential for planning the next marketing step properly.


Also, it’s important to mention that Zoho MarketingHub is a rather budget-friendly solution, which is another point for the business empowerment, especially with small and young businesses. It starts at $240 annually for 1,000 leads while the Premium edition starts at $480 per year for 1,000 leads.

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