Anniversaries at Home

Working from home made everyone feel a little detached from reality, from the outside world – the world of people and social bonds. Spending most of your time in the same space, being far-away from your colleagues, and lacking the most basic human interaction can make even the most introverted people feel lonely.

We at TechBear like to have fun and think of ourselves more than just co-workers, but rather a group of friends, so every year we celebrate anniversaries of everyone who has worked for the company. During these unprecedented times, it was even more important to make everyone feel appreciated for what they’ve done, so we sent the usual gift baskets to our dear colleagues’ doorsteps in the hope of putting a smile on their faces.

Looking at our photos, we can proudly say that we achieved our goal.

1 - Anniversaries at Home

One of them was Milos Petrovic, who was one of the three people who first started working for TechBear three years ago, back when we all worked from home. Funny enough, he is celebrating this big milestone from the comfort of his home once again! He is the most versatile part of our team, he does it all: from recruiting and enrolling new staff, to payroll and vacations – there is nothing he cannot do.

Lazar Mladenovic was also with us from the start – one of our great developers, who we hope will celebrate many more years at TechBear –, he was celebrating his third anniversary from home, although he didn’t document this moment, unfortunately. We hope he was as happy as Milos! Thank you for everything, Lazar!

Our Blog - Anniversaries at Home

Ivana Grubisic celebrated her second year at TechBear. She is the head of the Project Management team and a very valuable asset to our company. She is working extremely hard to make every client satisfied and the Project Management team organized. We hope she will stay with us for many more years! Thank you so much Ivana, you truly are exceptional!

1 1 - Anniversaries at Home
1 2 - Anniversaries at Home

Next, we have Nick Jelacic, who not only celebrated his first-year anniversary with us, but also got promoted to Business Development Manager! Big milestone for Nick, we are all proud of you and so happy that you are a part of our team! To many more years to come, Nick, congratulations!

Last, but not least, we have Igor Janovljev, who celebrated his first anniversary from home. Just like Lazar, he is part of the Development team and does an outstanding job. Thank you so much for everything you have done so far, we hope you will stay with us for many more years! Developers seem to be camera-shy, so we do not have a picture of Igor either, unfortunately.


Thank you once again everyone for everyone’s hard work, we are so proud of you – you keep ensuring us that we are truly a strong team that stays strong through anything! To many more happy memories!

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