With the month of November slowly coming to an end, we would like to reflect back on the Be a Man campaign organized by 21st Century Oncology. This amazing campaign is spreading awareness about men’s health and emphasizes the importance of a regular physical exam. We know that going to the doctor’s is in no way fun, but it is necessary.

Unfortunately, cancer is affecting more and more people each year but bad outcomes can be lowered drastically with regular visits to the doctor’s office. As you may already know, catching cancer at the earliest stage gives you the best survival rate. There are different types of exams and they do not have to be uncomfortable – all it might take is just a simple blood test.  

We were very pleasantly surprised to see that celebrities are supporting this campaign. Shaquille O’Neal is, and has been one of the most famous celebrities ever since the mid-1990s. We felt very proud when we were informed that Shaq has shared a Be A Man campaign by our clients, 21st Century Oncology, on his Twitter profile.

Shaquille has almost 15 million followers on this social network, and raising awareness of the Be A Man prostate exam campaign is a great incentive for everyone involved – the men who unfortunately deal with the problem, our clients, and of course, ourselves. We participated in the creation and set-up of the campaign since the beginning and we are even more motivated to continue spreading awareness about this significant cause.

This campaign is not specifically aimed at only prostate exams; it also includes testing for testicular and penile cancers. To illustrate how important these exams are: prostate cancer is the second most cancer among men in the USA, just after skin cancer. In fact, there are some estimates that 174,650 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019.*

 Even though Men’s Health Awareness Month will be around for just a few more days, we encourage you to get an exam since your health is important all year round. For more information, you can visit https://www.21co.com/beaman/ and find a urologist near you. Remember, someone loves you and one simple exam could mean the world to the people around you.


*Statistics acquired from https://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/prostate-cancer/statistics

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