It’s no surprise to anyone already using the Internet in their everyday life that they actually expose themselves (their gadget and data) to all kinds of cyberattacks. Obviously, great antivirus software is absolutely essential when it comes to proper computer protection. However, there are other useful tools that can make the Internet surfing a lot safer, especially if you’re using the Google Chrome browser. That said, the following are some of the best chrome plugins that will keep you safe online.


HTTPS Everywhere

This plugin will allow the browser to use only the HTTPS protocol whenever it is available. Pages that use HTTPS are more secure since all information is transmitted in encrypted form.

AdGuard AdBlocker

This is a very useful plugin since it provides greater security when surfing the Web due to its ability to block access to sites that could be infected, thus avoiding a virus attack. It also allows you to block annoying ads or advertising that appear on different pages.

Password Alert

Password Alert is a plugin that provides protection to the Gmail account and all other services that are related to the account since there are often fraudulent pages that try to steal private data. Therefore, Password Alert will give off a warning, in order to protect users against attempts to steal their passwords.

When visiting different websites, there is the possibility of encountering a link that redirects to another website; however, many times these links may have infected content that damages the computer. Therefore, this particular plugin analyzes the links before accessing them, in order to know the real address that is hidden behind the link.

Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe)

This plugin allows you to manage the network and improve security in order to avoid any type of tracking, as it provides information about those sites or tracking services, allowing you to block them if desired.


Click&Clean is a very useful security plugin for Chrome since it allows deleting the history, cookies and any other information stored in the browser. It also scans the computer for malware, thus achieving greater privacy and security.

When we surf the Internet, security is essential. In that respect, you can make the most out of the above-mentioned best Chrome plugins in regards to the said surfing security. Thanks to these plugins, the information and all the data stored on the network are protected.

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