At TechBear, we review a lot of websites on a daily basis and come across many WordPress website owners that do not know what WordPress version they have running.

We feel as if we need to share this info with the world.

In this short manual, we will show you the easiest and fastest way to find out what version you have currently.

It really takes less than a minute to find out! 🙂

What WordPress Version Is Running

1) Type in the URL of the website you want to check in your browser. For example:

2) Right-click anywhere on the homepage – and go to “View Page Source” – it will take you to a page full of code. Don’t panic! You’re almost there… You have just accessed the RSS Feed.

3) Press Ctrl + F – type in the word ‘Generator‘ and press Enter. It will highlight the section and show you what version the website is currently using. See below ( is currently running on the latest “WordPress 6.0.2” version ):



Another Simple Way to Know Your WordPress Version

If you know your way around the backend of your site, then you might want to try this method too. The disadvantage of this is that it won’t tell you the version number if you actually have an older version loaded. You are simply asked to update.

When you access your dashboard, go to the Dashboard menu and click on Updates. Then the Updates menu will show you the version number of your WordPress. You can also click on “check again” to confirm the version.

See below all the latest versions of WordPress – 6.0.2 is the newest most recent.


Stay Up to Date!

We really hope that this information was useful. You may use this knowledge whenever you need to determine what WordPress version a website is using.

Please note that many webmasters go to great lengths to keep this information hidden, this will only work on sites where the default settings have been left alone. If any security safeguards were taken, you may need to try an alternative route.

If you’re still struggling – TechBear is here to help you out!

Having your website up to date is very important for functionality and security reasons – if you need any help or advice feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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