Boost Your Lead Rate with WordPress and HubSpot Integration

We have already talked about the possibility to make the most out of WordPress and HubSpot integration when it comes to your inbound marketing efforts. Basically, this move will guarantee an increase in website traffic, lead rate and landing page conversions. As we took the opportunity to talk about the increase of website traffic after the installation of HubSpot plugin and efficient utilization of its powerful SEO tools, we will continue this topic with the focus on lead rate boost. Keep on reading.

Generate and track leads

With the help of custom flyout HubSpot forms, you can successfully generate more leads through your WordPress website.

Essentially, it’s possible to customize different offers and content to suit each type of visitor. The goal is to encourage them to move further up the funnel. Every kind of form submission remains recorded and saved within your HubSpot database. This very useful practice will allow you to segment and enroll this info the way it suits you the best.

You may not be quite sure whether WordPress and HubSpot integration is the right choice for you at this moment. This may be because you haven’t thought about improving or engaging more with inbound marketing. Still, if you want to try it but you don’t want to jump into HubSpot at once, you can also utilize the help of the Leadin plugin. It may not be as powerful as HubSpot, but it will give you a pretty good idea about what inbound marketing is about and whether it’s for you or not.

Build your subscriber list

In order to boost your lead rate you need more leads. Simple as that. And, aside from using the previously-mentioned submission forms, HubSpot can help with its own pop-up forms as well. As you boost your website traffic with efficient SEO efforts, pop-up messages will definitely improve your chances to get the visitors to subscribe, especially if that pop-up message is attractive without being too overbearing.

For instance, HubSpot lets you create your own pop-up message easily, and the most effective choice seems to be a pleasant one-liner with the request for an email address. So, nothing too complicated that still manages to show respect to your visitors.

Thanks to the WordPress Popup plugin, it’s relatively easy to integrate this HubSpot-generated pop-up message into the pages and posts you find most fitting for grabbing the attention of your visitors and potential leads. Of course, you can further customize this pop-up however you see best.

With WordPress and HubSpot integration, the lead data will be collected and segmented into the HubSpot contacts. This essentially means that the integration itself will do the work for you as the list gets automatically updated, with contacts simply waiting for the next newsletter.

HubSpot Contact Forms

There are other possible tactics you can use in order to boost your lead rate when WordPress and HubSpot integration is concerned.

Namely, you can use the HubSpot Contact Form and embed it in your WordPress Contact Us section. This particular stage of form submission signals the bottom position of the lead in the funnel; almost ready to convert. HubSpot notifies about this immediately so that you can react accordingly as soon as possible.

In general, this tactic has proved to be extremely successful in boosting the lead rate.


Increase Website Traffic with WordPress and HubSpot Integration

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