Best Kind of Content for Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Without even realizing it, we choose the “perfect” content for our personal social media profiles on a daily basis. Something very similar happens when you have a business and you want to include a content strategy in social networks. You analyze, you see what your competitors are publishing, you review what you can publish that also generates impact and publish the content you like on the social media profiles of your company. This is not completely bad; what happens is that these types of actions do not have a backing, and therefore, it’s more likely to not achieve your goal in mind. In order to avoid this, you need to learn a bit more about the content management on different social networks, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You may want to publish the same content for social media channels you have a business page on. However, first you need to consider that each platform has a different audience, so even if the content may be about the same topic, it still has to be adapted to the readers.

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Different content for social media channels

Content for Facebook

For many users, Facebook is the means of contact with family and friends. In terms of business, the general objective of the content is to reach the audience and build loyalty; helping their clients with questions and comments, launching campaigns that generate traffic towards the page and the website, and achieving tangible conversions.

The content for Facebook is varied; you can publish text, images, links, and videos. If you do good Facebook Ads campaigns, the content can go viral and thus generate brand promotion benefits. Of course, you can do organic campaigns, but investing in a small ad can make a huge difference.

One of the latest features rolled out by Facebook is the option to set a cover video for your Facebook profile. We at TechBear have it set on our Facebook profile, and suggest you do the same; not only does it look cool, but according to a recent survey, 60 percent of consumers watch branded videos on Facebook every day while 64% say that videos from Facebook have influenced their purchase decisions in the past month.

It is true that Facebook allows 400 characters. Still, it is thought that the length of a perfect post (content that goes along with the link, photo or video) is only 10 words. Make your reader’s curiosity meet your goal. As for multimedia resources, you can publish images, videos or GIFs. These may or may not be accompanied by a small phrase in the text space of the post. Of course, do not skimp on quality and always consider publishing something that generates engagement. This is true for all types of content for social media channels that are popular today.

These are general recommendations, but the best thing you can do is to get to know the behavior of your audience. Then use this knowledge as a guide to creating the posts that actually boost your business success.

  • Create a posting calendar, which will help you keep track of the type of post you are sharing (original or from another source). When it comes to publication schedules and content for social media channels, you can choose the best schedule according to the statistics that your profile shows. Of course, make sure to constantly monitor this since the user behavior and pattern can change. Basically, your ideal posting schedule is not always the same.
  • Be consistent. Consistency means commitment. Just one post is usually not enough, so make sure to have at least two posts per day.
  • If your posts generate comments, treat these as your profile content as well, and give them the appropriate response. An angry comment can generate other negative comments, so avoid that.
Content for Twitter

Since Twitter is a social media platform where the content has limited space for creativity, you need to create a convincing content strategy, which not only allows you to get new followers, but also to keep track of your account and watch for your updates. There isn’t a magic number of posts that you have to publish on a daily basis. This is something you have to work out based on the generated client experience. Remember that you have to focus on publishing content that is relevant to your target audience. Moreover, it has to represent your company properly.

  • Be brief, and instead of writing many meaningless words, come up with an impactful text. If you have many things to communicate, we recommend creating specific messages that are shared in order. You may also include something like 2/3 in the end; it all depends on the number of tweets that you want to post on a certain topic.
  • If you are going to publish a link, take advantage of the fact that a snippet is generated in the tweet and only includes a related phrase. Sharing the title of such content or site is redundant and occupies space that can be valuable for other types of information.
  • Twitter gives you the opportunity to share visual elements without counting the characters, so take advantage of this and add a touch of personality. There are statistics that mention that a tweet with visual elements has higher interaction rates. You have the opportunity to include up to 4 photos in the tweet, or a GIF, which will surely attract your followers.
  • If you are going to use #hashtags, use those that look “natural”. A tweet with a hashtag that is forced loses credibility. These elements are powerful when broadening your reach, as well as including you in relevant conversations. You can use popular events that look authentic.
  • Do not be afraid to do surveys. These can actually be an excellent way to interact with your audience. In addition, you can attract the readers and learn about their interests, thus improving the content you share.
  • Do not forget to respond to comments, retweets, and inbox. Each comment, retweet, and direct message helps you to get to know your audience, things you are doing well and things you can improve. In each retweet, you can find new allies, clients and even influencers and opportunities for commercial collaborations.

As far as content for social media channels Facebook and Twitter is concerned, the main difference the expiration time. On Twitter, as the content arrives, it has a minute of fame before it disappears. With so many updates, the user may lose your tweet, so it needs to be attractive enough to get the attention of the readers as soon as it is published.

Content for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most important social media channels, which currently exceeds Twitter in the number of users. Instead of investing time in getting followers that are not going to generate any benefit, better create a content strategy that helps you increase the visibility and reach of your posts on this social network. For a brand to be successful on Instagram, a strategy is needed that not only shares beautiful images, but that also promotes the visual creativity and a brand identity.

  • Consider why you need to share content on Instagram. Before telling you to post images or videos, we encourage you to answer a couple of questions. “Who is your target audience? Are they people who are part of the active user group on Instagram?” This will allow you to know how much this social network can help you generate tangible conversions for your company.
  • Later, when creating your content strategy, you can determine what it will be useful for. Some of the objectives to achieve with this type of content include increasing the reputation of your brand, showing and sharing the culture of the brand, publicizing your team and looking for new talent, showing your products or services, boosting the participation of your current clients, connecting with influencers, or just sharing the news.
  • Make each piece of content stand out, and demonstrate the creativity for products usage.
  • You can use your feed to publicize events that happen on other social media channels or your website. You generate traffic on your account and at the same time, you redirect to another site of your interest.
  • The option of short videos with Instagram Stories can help you show a day in the life of your company. It is a section that followers usually see to learn about less serious news. So, take the opportunity to showcase attractive behind-the-scene content. The interesting thing about this option is that you create a sense of urgency since this content is only available for a certain period before it completely disappears.
  • Instagram videos have become the ideal medium for content series. In fact, there are brands that have shared complete interviews. And, in the same way, you can share something that happens with your brand that a simple image cannot express. It’s all about your creativity to come up with effective content on social media channels that works in your favor.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a fully visual network. This is why you need to make sure your content is adjusted to visual representations. After all, the differences in social media channels dictate the differences in content for social media channels.

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