If you want to attract your audience and get them to trust you and your business, you have to offer them something in return. Essentially, you can’t expect your leads to instantly convert. That said, good lead magnets are a sure marketing strategy to get the attention of your potential customers, build a connection with them and have them return for more. In that respect, you have to make sure that your lead magnets are actually enticing enough. Of course, you need to thoroughly analyze the specificity of your lead magnets. That way you can create the most effective lead magnets for different client profiles and stages that will actually work.

Effective lead magnets for different client stages

When trying to create effective lead magnets, your prospects should be your guide. Essentially, you need to market your brand, your offers, and lead magnets as perfect solutions to your clients’ problems. Still, you shouldn’t just randomly think of different issues that your business can help with. Take into consideration your client demographics as well as the stage of their buyer’s journey.

For example, if you have a fitness business, your prospective clients who are aware of their problem and go online to look for possible solutions will look for plain and simple titles. “How to lose weight and get fit” is the most common keyword phrase in this case. Once they get to consider the best options for them, your prospects need lead magnets such as fitness guides, workout charts that work within specific time as well as tips on choosing the best kind of workout individually. You may also want to introduce tips on choosing the best personal trainer. The benefits of choosing online fitness sessions may come in handy, too. For those clients who have already decided to choose a personal trainer, you need effective lead magnets that show testimonials, success stories of your existing clients as well as free sessions.

These are just examples, but it’s important that you get specific within your own business niche and then focus even more on your target audience and what they want.

Use lead magnets for your blog

There are many benefits to updating your blog regularly. Essentially, prospects who simply want to search specific solutions to their problems by turning to search engines for help can actually find your blog posts through niche-specific keywords. Therefore, having a blog means more traffic. In order to turn that traffic into warm leads, you need to offer valuable content. Straightforward solutions are the best way to get your leads more interested in your business. However, make sure to include links to your landing pages as well.

Don’t forget about different channels

You should expand your authority to channels other than your landing pages and blog. In that sense, you can create and place effective lead magnets right in front of your target market without waiting for them to find you. Do your research when it comes to your client demographics. The mature population would benefit the most from simply written eBooks and videos. On the other hand, videos, gifs, infographics, images and interesting posts on social media are a must if you’re planning on attracting young and middle-aged adults. Finally, if you’re catering to businessmen – professional-looking YouTube videos, newsletters and PDF files are your best choice.

Be very specific with your ideal audience

As a serious business owner, you have to clearly define the target market for your lead magnets. If you keep your lead magnet offers too broad, it is possible to generate traffic, but the quality of the said traffic will be questionable. On the other hand, keeping your lead magnets really specific will cater to a carefully selected audience, which will make your business the main problem-solver for this entire group of potential customers.

Give your audience what they want

It’s not only about catering your offers to a specific target market but offering them something that they actually can’t refuse. Everybody already knows that taking action for your lead magnets will place them in your email list. If you want people to accept that, the magnets you’re providing them with have to be meaningful and valuable. Never skimp on the quality of your free content.

Offer your expert solutions

As mentioned, you need to offer valuable and effective lead magnets to attract your audience. However, just like you need to find your specific ideal audience you should also strive to put out specific lead magnet solutions. The more specific you get, the more room you have to explore that certain topic. What’s more, you’ll be able to present yourself as an authority when it comes to clever problem-solving.

Useful lead magnets

With everything that’s been said, you should realize that your lead magnets have to be very specific and tailored for your ideal audience with valuable content. But how to get that valuable content exactly? Continuing with an example of a fitness business, your lead magnets can be exercise guides, nutritional charts, workout e-books, etc. However, you need to make them really enticing. What will this workout do to improve your lifestyle? How can the food you eat make you stronger and more energetic? What changes will be clearly noticeable after you engage in certain exercise routines? Essentially, your lead magnets need to provide an obvious difference, an improvement. Therefore, don’t use magnets that you wouldn’t want to sell in the first place.

Write a convincing headline

No matter how useful and valuable your content for lead magnets is, you still need to get your audience to download it. The best way to do that is by writing convincing headlines. In general, your magnet headline should clearly specify the purpose of the offer as well as the benefits your clients get by clicking on it. It has to be written in a confident and actionable manner.

In order to create effective lead magnets, it’s essential that you focus your attention on your specific niche and utilize different client profiles as well as stages of their buyer’s journey. That way you can properly market your business to everyone you want to work with.

Create a powerful lead form:

Place your lead form on several pages

The first thing that you need to know when your lead form is concerned is that it’s not enough to have it on just one page. One of the more common website mistakes is precisely the bad habit to place your lead form on your homepage and leave things like that. However, not everyone who finds your website will land to your homepage first. Moreover, your visitors will probably browse through your site and check several different pages before they form their opinion. In order to encourage them to actually fill out the form, your prospects should be able to spot it throughout your website.

Don’t ask for too much information

People don’t generally like to leave too much of their personal info online. Moreover, you also have to take into account the fact that drive leads who’re looking at your site on their mobile phones definitely don’t want to go through the trouble of typing more than necessary. That being said, the safest option is to keep your lead form relatively short. In general, the most important info that you need is a name and an email address. A phone number can be important as well but it all depends on the way you interact with your leads.

A very specific niche calls for a longer lead form

There’s an exception to every rule. In that respect, even though shorter forms are almost always better, that won’t be the case if you’re targeting a very narrowly-defined niche. Another example for a fitness business may be the following: if you offer classes and training to people with specific careers that require particular kind of physical activity, or you only work with already experienced gym-goers or bodybuilders, etc. you’d definitely need to make your lead form longer. Essentially, you’d have to ask about experience, fitness level, goals, and so on.

Use encouraging action words

Together with attractive and effective lead magnets, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of words. In that respect, you have to think carefully about the button for your lead form. Since this is your call-to-action, make sure that it actually triggers the sense of urgency and positive change in your prospects. Instead of a plain “submit” choose something like “start now”, “time for a change”, “don’t wait any longer”, and similar.

Lead magnet ideas

  1. Guides/Reports are the most used lead magnets at the moment. Make them as specific as possible.
  2. Worksheets (for example task lists, flowcharts, etc.). Very interesting day-to-day tools.
  3. Prospects or lists of resources. Perfect for most online businesses.
  4. Videos, as guides or demonstrations. You should always have the appropriate means to record an interesting video.
  5. Free software trial. Depending on the business, this can make the difference between a lead and a customer.
  6. Discount vouchers or free shipping. Perfect for online and physical stores that want to expand sales.
  7. Contests or surveys. They are the most popular lead magnets, and a lot of users like them so make them fun.
  8. Evaluation or test. It can work very well, depending on the type of business. It is about offering an evaluation of something important for the user (speed of the server, for example).
  9. Sales material as catalogs. Especially if it is delivered online, it is a perfect example of the dynamic “need-satisfaction” process.

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