We’re once again at that time of year when spooky entertainment is in high demand!

Halloween has been celebrated for centuries, with some saying that the tradition can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The modern day celebration was popularized by American culture in the late 1800s.

This time around, we’re putting together ‘Volume 3’ of the TechBear Halloween Special – which contains a list of websites we consider to be utterly horrifying, bizarre, strange, or frightening, as well as spooky content ideas you can use on your website or social media platforms to terrify folks this season.

Viewer Discretion Advised: This blog contains potentially sensitive information.

Creepy Weird Websites

1. Haunted Auckland
A team of qualified and enthusiastic paranormal activity researchers makes up Haunted Auckland. You should definitely check out this website to view some incredible haunted locations, virtual 3D tours, abandoned buildings and cemeteries, true ghost stories, UFO sightings, urban legends, haunted objects, and a ton more spooky material!

2. Staggering Beauty
This must be one of the creepiest websites we’ve come across. Nobody is sure why it exists, yet it does for some strange reason…There’s this mysterious ‘crazy looking’ black worm that follows your mouse and starts wilding out if you move too fast! It’s off- putting and weird – period.

3. Last Words: Death Row Information
On its website, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice publishes a list of prisoners’ last statements before being put to death. It’s an odd place to visit on the internet for sure and what’s weirder is that we’ve found the words “I’m ready Warden” to be used in every other letter…

4. Itemfix 
This website, formerly known as LiveLeak, is well-known for posting graphic and violent content, such as videos of executions and accidents on the road. Visit just after eating breakfast, and definitely avoid visiting if you have a weak stomach!

5. Fauux Neocities:
A very disturbing site with unusual graphics and creepy content. We’re not sure why this website is so popular among spooky sites, but if you enjoy obscure music, Japan, post- or transhumanism, nihilism, and escapism — Might want to check it out!

6. Documenting Reality
Forum-type website called Documenting Reality gathers death footage in an effort to raise awareness of the terrible effects of crime. This makes the reality visible through images and videos so that viewers may see what the media doesn’t portray and what goes on behind the scenes.

7. Bloody Disgusting 
Horror genre-focused news website that covers all horror media including: movies, TV, video games, comic books, and music. Definitely not recommenced for the faint- hearted!

8. Just Scream 
This one isn’t that creepy, although we’re sure you’ll find it ‘a bit weird’. A hotline where you can call and scream your heart out! Even though the hotline is no longer in operation, Just Scream has received over 70,000 recordings from individuals screaming since the site’s creation – the archive of screams is still available to the public.

9. Castle Of Spirits 
This is one interesting creepy website that we’ve added to our list – why? There’s a ghost story archive! Not only does it offers an assortment of paranormal stories with terrifying imagery – It also includes scream-worthy urban tales and a plethora of other terrifying stuff – we kinda dig it!

10. Kings Of Horror
This YouTube channel includes a wide range of horror movies/videos and the greatest thing is that they update weekly, so you’re always up to speed on the scariest entertainment!

Creepy Entertainment with Spooky Posts

What should you consider when creating a spooky post? Well, you could use creepy typography to showcase your work. It will give your website or project the desired effect of being spooky and scary. It’s also a fun way to mix things up and make your design stand out from the crowd. ​

This is also the perfect time to update your eCommerce store (for example) with some spooky elements. You could quickly convert the store into a spooky site and make it the perfect place for people to visit or shop before they go trick or treating.

(Image font reference: Dead Bear – Personal Use Regular by AlifRyanZulfikar)

Even though some say scary fonts are falling out of fashion because they feel too gimmicky – TechBear knows there is still plenty to do with them if you want to create something truly quirky and unique to create a fun spooky mood.

Shivers Are Guaranteed For Your Audience

The word Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve, meaning ‘eve of All Saints’ Day’. This is the night before All Saints Day which is on November 1st and it became associated with death because it was believed that spirits would return to earth on this night.

Use The Fear Concept In Your Design

Designers often use the concept of fear in their designs. This is because fear is a powerful emotion and it can be used to evoke a response from the viewer. It can be used for good or for bad, but it’s important to remember that fear is not the only emotion you should use when designing.

One example of this is how horror movies are designed to scare people. The audience might feel fear, but they also feel other emotions like suspense and anticipation. ​ These emotions are used as a way to build up tension before something scary happens – you should keep this in mind when creating ‘creepy material’.

If you’ve had a chance to check out any of the spooky websites we’ve mentioned in our Halloween Special, you already know the creators incorporated the idea of terror into their designs and used the fear concept.

Creepy Typography

Creepy fonts for designing Halloween promo content can help you create an eerie atmosphere. You can use them in your headlines or body text to make your site stand out from the rest. You can also use them to decorate the background of your site, replacing the usual dark colors with something more sinister like blood red or deep purple.

Benefits of using creepy fonts:
-Increase the creepiness factor of your site
-Create a sense of urgency within your content
-Play with the contrast among different elements on your site

These fonts will give your website or project the desired effect of being spooky and scary. It’s also a fun way to mix things up and make your design stand out from the crowd. Creep it real!

1001 Fonts: We’ve found this website extremely useful (they have over 900 Halloween fonts FREE to download for commercial use!): https://www.1001fonts.com/halloween-fonts.html

(Font reference: Kingthings Widow regular – Made by Kingthings)

Trick Or TechBear Treat?

People enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters, trick-or-treating and having fun at Halloween. It is also a time for people to decorate their homes with carved pumpkins and other scary decorations. All in all – Halloween is a time of celebration.

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