Enjoy Agile Project Management Solution with Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints is the tool of the Zoho Suite that helps a team plan and obtain a faithful follow-up of their tasks. It’s easy and simple, allowing the team to concentrate on creating the best possible product. Its way of operating is based on the Scrum organizational model. In this model, it rewards direct communication between the members of a team. Facilitated feedback between them streamlines the projects they have in hand. In this way, any change or obstacle that may arise during the development can be solved in an agile manner. This is precisely why Zoho Sprints is the perfect agile project management solution for businesses.

Inside Zoho Sprints

Due to its agile nature, this particular management software always prioritizes the team and interactions over the processes and mere tools. Something as simple and fast as this is sadly nowhere to be found among the available software on the market. This is where Zoho Sprints can make all the difference for the end users. It offers a speedy yet clutter-free and agile environment for managing projects.

Put a plan together with the Backlog

So, the Backlog allows you to make the most out of your tasks. Essentially, this is where you can create your tasks and stories as well as categorize them in to-do lists. That way, users can effectively prioritize their business endeavors. What’s more, additional aspects such as estimation points, priority rating and user assignments all make it easier to navigate through the lists and check the determining nuances of the story.

Know where each task stands

One of the most useful options that Zoho Sprints provides is the ability to check the progress of every work item at any given time. Not only that, but the customizable quality of the work statuses allows for the completely personalized workflow on the Scrum Board.

Access analytics that enables change

Velocity Charts, Burn-Down reports, and Cumulative Flow Diagrams are extremely important for the functionality and efficiency of both individual and teamwork, and Zoho Sprints makes sure that all of these are produced in real-time. Thanks to that practicality, it’s easy to identify bottlenecks and keep track of the progress at all times with more accuracy. What’s more, the users are always given the big picture as the snapshot on the Sprints Dashboard is always available for the users to see based on the project’s activity.

Work with collaboration tools for both co-located and distributed teams

The team members don’t even have to be in the same office in order to make the most out of this agile project management software and remain on top of things with their work and projects. Essentially, the agile aspect of the Zoho Sprints also includes the Meetings module, which is an excellent choice for scheduling sprint reviews, retrospectives, and automating daily standup reminders. Moreover, Feeds is great for social interactions.

Track work hours

With the opportunity to use Timesheet within the Zoho Sprints, every member of your team can log and track their billable and non-billable hours. Also, those members that are assigned as scrum masters/project owners can easily and rather quickly approve the users’ timesheet.

Pricing and Availability

Five users and five projects fall into the free plan if you’re just interested in trying Zoho Sprints out. Paid plans start at $20 for 20 users a month. As you can expect, there’s no project limit with this plan and there are plenty of features included as well, such as Timesheet and Sprint Replanning. It’s also important to mention that Zoho Sprints comes as a part of Zoho One suite, too, which is the best solution for thoroughly and efficiently running an entire business.

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