Everything You Need to Know about Migrating to Zoho MarketingHub

It’s only logical that you find a change of software a bit scary at first. However, migrating to Zoho MarketingHub is simple and hassle-free, as you’ll see from the following. After all, choosing Zoho MarketingHub is an excellent solution for all your business marketing needs. So, here’s what you need to know.

Mailing list import

Obviously, the first thing you need to do when migrating to Zoho MarketingHub is to import your mailing list. This is fairly easy to do, just make sure that your list is completely clean and fresh. After all, this will save you both time and money and boost engagement in the long run. You don’t want to deal with emails that don’t have any purpose at all, do you?

Basically, you want to get rid of the bounces first, as these email addresses are no longer active. The next step may not be as pleasant but it will save you a lot of time and trouble: make sure to exclude those emails that have marked yours as spam. They clearly don’t want to receive news from you and instead of dealing with their complaints on Zoho MarketingHub you can simply make the most out of the software with users that are actually proper leads. The same goes for people who have unsubscribed.

In case there are role/group email addresses within your mailing list, it would be wiser to get rid of those, too. These are generally company/department/organization emails that more likely than not are not going to bring you fruitful results; quite the opposite.

If you have some email addresses that have been inactive for a while, you want to check whether their users are still interested in receiving your newsletters. That said, don’t hesitate to send a reengagement email. However, those users that don’t respond to them don’t need to be kept in your Zoho MarketingHub mailing list any longer.

Once your mailing list is completely clean, start sending your campaigns and making the most out of Zoho MarketingHub.

Zoho MarketingHub authentication

The next step in migrating to Zoho MarketingHub is to get authenticated. Basically, you need to confirm your domain with MarketingHub so that the servers can send the emails in your stead. This will also prove that you’re not just a spammer to the recipient.

Migration gap

One of the key steps when migrating to Zoho MarketingHub is to prevent your email recipients from failing to recognize you or believing that your emails are just spam. After all, if you haven’t engaged with them in a while and suddenly use a new service, it’s only natural that they could think something’s off. So, make sure to send those leads a reengagement email so that you can properly explain the reason for the gap.

Start slowly and use segmentation

When you use a new service for sending out your newsletters, which you will with migrating to Zoho MarketingHub, it’s important not to go overboard. The key to success here is to warm up the system a bit. Basically, when you’re using a service for the first time, sending a bunch of emails at one go can end up being marked as spam. This is why it’s your chance to use segmentation. In the first go with the new service, send the first round of emails only to your warmest leads.

In case your goal is to improve your domain reputation, get higher open and click rates as well as business returns, don’t hesitate to make the most out of your email marketing efforts and Zoho MarketingHub.

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