Improve Landing Page Conversion with WordPress and HubSpot Integration

Finally, after discussing how WordPress and HubSpot integration can effectively boost your lead rate and website traffic (SEO), it’s time to tackle the importance and the possibilities of improving your landing page conversion rate.

Truth to be told, it’s only natural for this particular aspect of your online business to go up after you successfully deal with the said traffic and lead rate. But, there are definitely some things that you need to know, especially when it comes to making the most out of these powerful tools that will allow you to generate and track leads the way that benefits you the most.

A/B testing

Your landing page conversion rate greatly depends on your CTA. In that respect, placing your calls-to-action throughout your WordPress site strategically will also allow you to test out those CTAs with A/B testing. These tests will clearly show what kinds of CTAs, as well as their locations, perform the best.

As mentioned in the previous article, utilizing lead generation forms and tracking them will help you push your leads forward in the funnel. The same goes for pop-ups. The key here, aside from A/B testing that will show you the perfect formula for your website, is to offer some valuable lead magnets. Without the lead magnets, there’s no way to boost the lead rate or the landing page conversions. WordPress and HubSpot integration will allow you to analyze these differences in great detail, which is extremely helpful when nuances make a difference between a sale and a fail.

Lead nurturing

But, lead tracking and generating won’t make a sell on its own. At the end of the day, it’s through lead nurturing that businesses have any chance of making a difference. So, you basically need to track the lead’s behavior through the funnel, nurturing it along the way. What that means is that you really need to put effort into making your CTAs worth it. Personalization is the key strategy here.

WordPress and HubSpot integration is very helpful in this case as well. Essentially, HubSpot allows you to create email campaigns that you can then adjust to your leads and their funnel position; furthermore, the tool will also provide you with the insight into how these leads reacted to these emails. That being said, you basically can see for yourself just how your landing page ranks among the nurtured leads. On the other hand, you’ll also get information about the most visited pages, which automatically means that you can shift your CTAs to a more prospective spot.

CTAs on every page?

When using HubSpot, you can try placing your CTAs on every page of your WordPress website because the tool will surely point out to the most promising clicks; these consequently lead to the most effective landing page and boosted conversion rate.

Moreover, automation can significantly help in this case. Therefore, feel free to replace every WordPress form with a HubSpot one. This will make sure that your workflow is automated and based off the form submissions. This kind of WordPress and HubSpot integration is an absolute must If lead nurturing is something you want to use for your own business boost.

Using both WordPress and HubSpot to maximize the efficiency of your inbound marketing effort can turn your business site into top traffic- and lead-generating tool. The metrics will clearly show where to make changes and sometimes even how to make them, which is truly amazing for anyone involved in this kind of online work.

So, make sure to always track all of the website activity that HubSpot will provide you with; track and connect CTAs throughout your WordPress site with HubSpot tools; replace WordPress forms with HubSpot ones to automate the workflow, and make the most out of HubSpot optimization tools to boost your WordPress site content and rank in Google search.


Increase Website Traffic with WordPress and HubSpot Integration

Boost Your Lead Rate with WordPress and HubSpot Integration

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