Increase Website Traffic with WordPress and HubSpot Integration

You really don’t have to pick one over the other when it comes to the benefits of WordPress and HubSpot for your business and inbound marketing efforts. Integration of HubSpot and WordPress has been known to lead to considerable improvements. Some of the results include significant increases in website traffic, lead rate, and landing page conversions. For an inbound marketing campaign, HubSpot can be an essential tool that works side by side with WordPress in order to bring true success. But, first things first – let’s see what you need to do to install the HubSpot WordPress plugin and start making a change.

Steps to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress

Integrating HubSpot CRM with WordPress (with your website) is really simple for anyone with basic knowledge.

What you need to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress:

  • A website designed with the WordPress CMS
  • Specific content for each stage of the Sales Funnel
  • Forms created in WordPress (as many as necessary)
  • A HubSpot account
  • Download the open source plugin to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress easily

Follow the steps below to integrate HubSpot with WordPress:

  • Create a free account at HubSpot, and get an identification number
  • Download the plugin to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress.
  • Once the plugin is installed, you only need to activate it
  • Add your identifier in the plugin and – all done! (The integration should have been done successfully).

Start enjoying the benefits of WordPress and HubSpot integration as soon as possible!

The first significant increase – website traffic

Thanks to the effective use of the HubSpot and WordPress integration plugin, one can expect 4x website traffic increase with 2x organic website traffic boost and an amazing 228% social media website traffic boost.

SEO and keywords

One of the many benefits of using the HubSpot plugin with your WordPress website is the fact that HubSpot offers very powerful SEO tools. This means that with the provided keywords tool you’ll get the best insight into what keywords you should try to rank for within your niche. Not to mention the available analysis of the keywords you already rank for.

This is not everything, though. This particular HubSpot tool also allows you to view important metrics so that you can see first-hand just how successful and efficient your SEO efforts are. Together with Yoast SEO, you’ll be able to see helpful tips that will guide your way to better Google positioning.

Basically, WordPress and HubSpot working together will make it rather simple for you to adjust your SEO efforts and improve your keywords. This will eventually result in an increase in website traffic as well.


Boost Your Lead Rate with WordPress + HubSpot Integration

Improve Landing Page Conversion with WordPress + HubSpot Integration

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