TechBear has already discussed the benefits of using Instagram for school, as well as another picture-based platform Pinterest. But, aside from the obvious benefits for school, there are several advantages of Instagram for students as well. After all, a social media platform that allows the users to express themselves with photos and videos will definitely be very attractive to millennials, and especially college students. The ability to use digital filters on audiovisual elements has made Instagram the top platform to be on. The perfect balance of creativity and functionality makes Instagram an effective educational tool in more ways than one.

iPhoneography technology

Students who use iPhones can make the most out of the iPhoneography, which makes image capturing a true art. But, even without an iPhone, taking photos with the desire to upload and beautify them for Instagram will definitely help the students improve their photography skills. For some, this may turn into a very rewarding hobby, but for others who may be thinking about making photography, art and/or design their future, this can turn out to be a great way to create an effective portfolio for future projects.

Improve emotional intelligence

It may sound strange but one of the main advantages of Instagram for students is its ability to help the users boost their emotional intelligence. This is especially true when students can use video clips and photos in order to respond to something that happened at class or anywhere else really. Not to mention that observing a variety of photos and snaps while surfing the Instagram feed, students get to empathize with others, have fun and explore the deeper meaning of things presented in a seemingly simple way.

Instagram lets students practice interpersonal skills

You probably haven’t thought about this either, but the particular nature of Instagram platform allows the students to work on their interpersonal skills. Essentially, being a part of a purely visual social media community puts everyone using it in the position to learn more about the people they follow. Most importantly, Instagram is a platform that very subtly lets people experience all sorts of feelings, thoughts, and ideas through the eyes of other people, and in a creative manner at that.

More information engagement

Sharing info and knowledge with others is very important for college students. And Instagram can be a perfect way to share multimedia stuff with one another. Of course, social media, in general, is a great tool to share info and data with others but Instagram, in particular, can be a lifesaver, especially for art and design students. Nothing beats a visual social media platform when it comes to multimedia and photography. What’s more, this type of engaging medium allows for effective communication between the students, without the usual stress and pressure.

Fun learning experience

Since social media has become one of the essential parts of everyday life, and Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms, utilizing the advantages of Instagram for students has never provided better results. One of the many ways to make the most out of this particular social media platform is to turn the whole learning experience into fun. Of course, the exact manner of use will highly depend on the type of studies but, either way, having the photos speak essays is always a great way to encourage the students’ creativity and simply provide them with a learning opportunity in a fun and engaging way.

Photo essays can be done by both the teachers and the students, which definitely has its potential in getting the students more interested in the subject. Not to mention that visual media can be a much better explanation tool compared to traditional methods. Also, using Instagram for learning purposes means speed and order, which is sometimes essential when audiovisual material is concerned.

Useful feedback

Moreover, Instagram provides the students with the opportunity to get and give feedback on their photo projects, which is a huge positive in itself. The feedback exchange doesn’t even have to happen between the fellow students, as a social media platform like Instagram connects you with individuals from all over the world, including ones that may share similar skills and interests as you and can really help you with their comment on your work.

While there are plenty of fun uses for this picture-based platform, the advantages of Instagram for students can go beyond the traditional social media aspect. Don’t hesitate to make the most out of it.


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