The TechBear team has stressed the importance of using social media marketing for your school’s extended reach and improved online visibility on several occasions. However, the sad reality is that sometimes, pure activity on social media channels simply isn’t enough. This is why you need to combine different social media platforms for the best possible results. That being said, Twitter can provide you with an extra boost when it comes to engaging your audience and putting your educational institution on the map. Essentially, using great hashtags for your school’s social media can effectively differentiate your education business. Hashtags are not only reserved for Twitter, but mastering hashtags on this particular social media channel will help you improve the use of hashtags on other channels as well.

Try to be as distinctive with your hashtags as possible

Using hashtags for your school’s social media is essential if you want to announce a certain event, a promotion, an activity, club accomplishments, etc. However, you have to be aware that you won’t be the only educational institution that wants to promote these events. In general, most schools have the same kind of activities all year round. This means that using an overly generic hashtag for your tweets is not going to reach the maximum number of people or boost the engagement rate properly. Therefore, you need to add a little twist to the way you come up with these hashtags. They have to be relevant to the event but make them distinctive as well. You can do this by adding your school’s initials or even something as simple as a year. Just make sure that there are no other trending hashtags that may take the spotlight from you.

Mix up the hashtags to expand your reach

As mentioned, using only generic hashtags for your school’s social media won’t get you very far. However, you can’t discard the practicality of generic hashtags either. Therefore, it would be best to use more than one hashtag for your tweets and other social media posts. When you think of Twitter, you shouldn’t use all of 140 characters for hashtagging. Still, you can get away with using two or three hashtags easily. The key is in the effective combination of relevant generic hashtags (or keywords) and a distinctive hashtag that clearly differentiates your particular school. This will place your school directly into the relevant part of social media cyberspace.

Interactive hashtags for your school’s social media

Once you create your distinctive hashtags for school’s social media and learn how to make the most out of them in combination with the generic ones, you are left with the most important part of successful social media marketing – activity and engagement. Using a hashtag sends a message that you actually want to participate in a conversation. Therefore, don’t ignore other tweets and posts that use the same hashtag as you. Engage as much as possible and gradually build a community that will help you establish your education brand.

4 ways Twitter can boost your school’s engagement rate

1. Twitter can encourage your students’ engagement and activity

The power of the hashtag is not to be underestimated. Therefore, Twitter can be an awesome tool for teachers when it comes to encouraging students to discuss different topics and books relevant to their school programs. Of course, Twitter can boost your school’s engagement rate this way but only if you make the whole concept cool and interesting. Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters, you can use this to spark the creativity in your students. They can describe the things they learned and perceived in their own way and share it with their community. Also, teachers can use the ongoing hashtag on Twitter to further analyze and explain the material in question. This will get the students involved on a more personal level.

2. Promote your school on Twitter and engage your community

Aside from Facebook, Twitter is one of the best social media channels where you can effectively spread the word about your school activity, updates, accomplishments, events, etc. This is definitely a great way to notify the community about the USPs of your educational institution. There’s no support like the one you can get from your community. Therefore, make your Twitter posting schedule consistent and community-oriented as well.

3. Interact with parents more effectively

As someone who runs an education business, you’re aware of how busy the parents are these days. Getting the necessary information from them as well as getting them to engage more can seem like an impossible mission. However, the majority of parents nowadays use social media. Twitter can be especially useful in this case. With a help of a hashtag, you can notify parents about future and ongoing school events and activities, reading lists, due dates, etc. Moreover, students can use hashtags to notify parents about the progress of a school trip or other school activities that allow phone use. Again, Twitter can boost your school’s engagement rate, but you have to be the one to reach out first. Don’t be afraid to use this particular social media channel to deepen your connections.

4. Twitter can boost your school’s engagement rate and overall reach

Apart from engaging students, parents and your immediate community, you can simply use Twitter to promote your school and expand your reach. This is one of the simplest yet most essential ways to establish your educational institution as a brand that has a clear image and a message. Therefore, don’t shy away from posting topics and opinions that match your school’s ideology. Such practices will actually help you get more ideal leads who are interested in what you have to offer.

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