Bigin is a great new CRM software by Zoho, which is affordable, easy-to-use, and helps small businesses get a complete picture of their customer relationships with features that increase productivity and help take the right steps to kickstart, and eventually expand their business. It is especially useful for new small businesses that need something straightforward at first, so they can switch to Zoho CRM when their business expands. All the contact information is neatly organized, and all the interaction with clients via email, phone calls, tweets and more is in one place so you can get a complete overview of the sales interactions. The most important feature of the software is the visualization of the progress of the sales in the sales pipelines – which is proven to help companies achieve higher revenue growth. It will help improve your sales process, analyze different strategies for your business, and makes it possible for the sales team to be fully prepared when attending an appointment with clients. You can also create multiple sales pipelines to manage different sales processes in one place. Not only that, but the Activities tab helps you stay on top of the daily activities like tasks, meetings, and calls which can be marked as completed once done. You can use the in-built telephony or integrate your own telephony service to make calls right from Bigin. You can also integrate with other Zoho or third-party applications like Google.

With Zoho Bigin, you will be winning more customers and achieving your goal of closing more deals in less time, so if you would like to find out more please contact your Project Manager at TechBear and find out more!

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