Honoring Get to Know Your Customers Day

We spoke with Colin Fitzpatrick – one of our remarkable clients, who is presently in charge of Aurora Health’s Injury Clinic.

By getting to know our customers better, we seek to increase client loyalty and trust.

TechBear had a lot of fun developing the site – as Aurora Health has two branches – Injury Clinic and Bump and Baby – resulting in two websites in one!

Colin responded to a handful of our questions:

1. Please describe the motivation behind Aurora Health – How did it start?

Aurora Health started with myself and my partner Sharon. We wanted to encompass numerous aspects of patient centered health care. We have started with the injury clinic and maternity services. We felt that there was nothing like this anywhere in Ireland and our unique skills could fill that void.

2. That’s amazing! And is there anything you plan to do to grow the business in the future?

Yes, we plan to grow our business into other areas of healthcare in the coming months and years. At the minute we have the injury clinic and maternity services, both of these we plan to expand on.

3. Can you tell us briefly – What kind of impact your website has had on your work?

It can’t be understated the impact our website has had on our business. From being able to sell products online to clients booking classes and consultations. Without the website our business would not be able to thrive like it currently is!

4. Why did you decide to hire TechBear?

We decided to hire TechBear as they had the same vision for our website. We had a look at some other projects completed by TechBear and after some initial consultations we thought that they would be the best fit for us. Price was also a big reason for us choosing TechBear – we are only a startup and didn’t have a huge budget for developing our website… TechBear is very competitively priced!

5. If/when your network requires help with their website, would you recommend TechBear?

Absolutely! We recommend TechBear for developing your website or for the maintenance of it.

6. Using a scale of 0-10, where 0 means “totally dissatisfied” and 10 means “extremely satisfied”, how would you rate TechBear’s support and project coordination?

Everything has been great – a perfect 10!

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