TechBear Roots for Robot Science!

Three Faculty of Technical Sciences teams from Novi Sad, Serbia took part in the 16th National EUROBOT Contest held in France (2018). EUROBOT contests involve robot science tasks, and every year the tasks differ. For instance, in May 2018, the teams had to build robots that would then build a small city. One of the Serbian teams ranked 4th (Memristor), while the other two teams (M41+ and Over 9000) ranked 11th and 20th. This is a great success considering that 50 teams from 30 different countries took part in the competition.

TechBear is proud to support robotics enthusiasts and students of the University of Novi Sad in the future! We hope that the newly formed team (Invictus) will leave their mark and have a lot of fun on EUROBOT Contest 2019.

Robotic science - TechBear Roots for Robot Science!
Image taken from their Facebook page

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