In order to help companies and organizations run their entire business with one software, Zoho introduced an all-in-one suite, Zoho One. This particular suite consists of 35+ integrated applications and mobile apps that work on every organizational level. This basically means that users get immediate access to everything with just a single sign-on. Complete business administration and provisioning available at the click of a mouse! Zoho One is undoubtedly the premium solution in the business software category considering the number of options and managing possibilities it offers for modern day business, and for quite an affordable price.

A revolutionary all-in-one suite, Zoho One

You may be wondering how exactly Zoho One is the all-in-one solution for businesses – it simply covers everything its customers may need. This includes sales, marketing, and support apps for a start. Furthermore, Zoho One lets you run various operations such as finance and recruiting; anything related to HR apps. Finally, Zoho One comes equipped with all the tools that every level employee within a company/organization may need in order to complete their tasks and effectively collaborate with other team members. That said, you can count on an office suite, mail, personal productivity and collaboration apps.

To put it simply, the all-in-one-suite, Zoho One has changed the game for project management software as it doesn’t only offer a complete insight into project management, but every other application that should meet the requirements of running a business, be it sales, marketing, HR or any other field.

Zoho One, as mentioned, comes with 35+ apps together with mobile ones. It has its own extensions within several different browsers, and essentially presents the ideal go-to solution with the broadest app choices for the complete hold of administration and provisioning. The perfect business control panel.

Unmatched integration

There are more aspects that make Zoho One so unique and effective on the market. Namely, the software provides hundreds of integration points within all of its applications. These integrations are what make the inner workings of this suite so amazing. They connect sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, HR, etc. It also successfully allows colleagues, customers, and vendors to efficiently communicate and collaborate with one another. Thanks to the contextual integrations, more info arrives constantly in order to improve the software efficiency even further. And for the ultimate flexibility and customer-focus, the suite is able to integrate with hundreds of third-party apps, as well.

Such an extensive and thorough integration within businesses usually requires large amounts of money, staff, and resources, which is usually only available for bigger companies. Thanks to the all-in-one-suite, Zoho One, such a power is now available to every business out there, without the complicated and expensive bits.

Centralized administrative control

Safety is also very important for the Zoho team. Precisely because of that, centralized administrative control came to existence, as it allows for a single sign-on point and a secure account to control everything else from. With the efficiency of one control panel, the issue of different accessing points, poor passwords, and lack of proper security on all levels is a thing of the past. Everything is much simpler, from provisioning to the audit. For additional security, it’s possible to utilize two-factor authorization for the company employees. And service admins can be chosen for specific departments/teams control.

Disruptive pricing model

There are no hidden prices when you use Zoho One. What you need for proper business running you get under one price. Every app is premium within the Zoho One suite once you get it. There are no additional prices for upgrades, add-ons, different-level contracts, and similar.

Pricing & availability

So, you’re probably interested in what price you can get Zoho One suite at for your own business endeavors. If you’re paying annually, the license price will start at $30 per one employee a month, or $35 per employee a month if you’d be more comfortable with a month-to-month paying system. You can purchase the suite whenever you want, wherever you are, in multiple languages.

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