Keeping up with the times is essential for all businesses these days, and especially educational institutions. Schools are responsible for educating, guiding and preparing kids for the future. That being said, it’s paramount not to ignore the developments in technology. For example, Google is everything these days. In need of some information? Google it. In need of some fun? Use Google to find it. As parents know very well, children these days learn to use the Internet and Google before they even start school. Therefore, it seems obvious that schools also need to use Google in their programs. In the following text, TechBear will explain the main reasons why schools should be using Google Apps for Education together with some highlight regarding Google Analytics.

Using Google Apps for Education is safe

There’s no reason to fret the change. Making the most out of Google Apps is not only a smart but a secure move as well. You don’t have to publish your data on the Web. Thanks to password protection, your administrators can easily limit the access to your data. In that sense, Google presents one of the most secure cloud databases available.

Protect your digital school environment

The digital world is not free from legal issues. Therefore, the possibility to archive your data is essential if you want to prevent these issues from ruining your good name. However, it’s true that archiving can be on the pricey side. This is where using Google Apps for Education can pay off significantly. Apart from a fraction of the investment necessary for archiving, the Vault feature of Google Apps, that makes this whole process a walk in the park, is now free for Education.

Using Google Apps is really cheap

In general, Google is completely free. However, there may be some extra costs (nothing too drastic) if you want to add some other tools. Still, the bottom line is that there are no charges for opening accounts on Google or using Google Docs. Transferring data may require additional costs but using Google Apps for Education will still provide you with plenty of free learning materials, educational resources, documents and other media/content necessary.

Google Apps are gaining popularity

More and more people discover the practicality and efficiency of Google Apps every day. Just like there are many businessmen who put their trust in Google, there are as many, if not more, teachers and students who are already using Google Apps for Education all over the world. Essentially, if you want to come off as a modern educational institution that keeps up with the tech trends, you better jump on the Google bandwagon as soon as possible.

How to use Google Analytics for your school

If you want to truly track the success of your business online, utilizing Google Analytics is definitely one of the smartest moves possible. This free tool is perfect if you want to measure your marketing efforts as well as the reach of your website. However, you may be under the wrong impression that this particular tool won’t do much for an education site. That’s far from the truth though. Just like for any other business, using Google Analytics for your school can make a significant difference for your online strategies. In that respect, getting on board with GA can actually improve your education business.

Monitor your results within a specific time frame

Google Analytics has a wide range of nifty tools. One such tool is undoubtedly the Date Range tool. You can use this to determine a specific time period for getting a valuable report. One month is the standard setup. However, you can get even more specific and select a date range that would match a special promotion or event at your school. Whatever report you want, you need to make it time-bound. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use that report properly. As you continuously use this tool, you’ll be able to compare your reports as well.

What channels bring the visitors to your site?

Using Google Analytics for your school will provide you with the possibility to improve your marketing strategies and channels. With the Channels tool, you can see exactly what channels are directing visitors to your education website. When you have this information, you’ll be able to utilize the most successful channels even more, adjust those that seem a bit lacking, and/or completely get rid of those that simply don’t work for you. In that respect, you can allocate your efforts and your budget to profitable channels. For example, if you get reports on every single social media platform, you can easily see where to boost your activity.

Make your website more user-friendly

GA won’t make your website design more user-friendly in an instant. However, you’ll be able to tell what needs to be changed thanks to the Site Content tool. That being said, the value of Google Analytics for your school and online presentation can be immense. Essentially, you can get a report on the most popular pages and content within your website. Since busy parents want to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, you can make it all possible. Simply adjust your web design and navigation according to the GA results. Moreover, with the In-page Analytics tool, you can see what links get the most clicks and rearrange them so that they are more prominent. Another great tool includes Site Search tool. This can also help you improve your website design and navigation. Just make sure that the most searched info on your site is easily accessible.

Use Google Analytics for your school to check devices

One of the many benefits that comes from using Google Analytics for your school is the option to determine what devices are mostly used by the visitors when accessing your education website. Essentially, you’ll get valuable metrics on how many people use PCs, mobile phones and tablets. This can again help you adjust your education website design. It’s especially important to make your website mobile-friendly. Not only will this mean a lot to the parents who want to look for info quickly, but you may also boost your search rank.