TechBear New Horizons: Vojvodina’s Mount Everest – Done!

TechBear is proud to share the success of our own Miloš, Nikola, and Novelja who took part in Fruška Gora Marathon last Saturday, on May 4th.

Fruška Gora Trail is one of the oldest marathons in Europe and in 2019, there were 19 trails available to choose from, for people of all skills and fitness levels. After all, the beauty of this Marathon is that everyone can take part without actually having to run if they’re not professional athletes. Walking is more than enough.

The TechBear team decided for a Trainee Southern Marathon Trail which is 22.73 kilometers long (14.12 miles).

Throughout the duration of Fruška Gora Marathon, there is always someone present at 26 different checkpoints; 13 checkpoints are reserved for refreshments while 6 checkpoints have medical service available, just in case.

More information about Fruška Gora Marathon is available at their website.

Below you can see the amazing images Miloš, Nikola and Novelja have taken during their invigorating experience of taking Vojvodina’s Mount Everest head on!

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