TechBear is very proud to announce that our United Kingdom/Ireland/South Africa team is growing!

Milly, one of our new Project Managers will be joining Leonard in bringing you top-notch TechBear services and facilitating your experience with our workflow. Milly is a new friendly face that you can reach out to if you have any questions or concerns about your website and she will gladly assist you.

Milly is a very interesting person so we wanted to help you get to know her better. We asked her a couple of questions about her life and previous work experience and here is what she said:

  • Your story of how you came to TechBear is very interesting – can you tell us a bit more about it?
– A friend of a friend had heard of an opening at TechBear. It just so happens that I had come from the UK to live in Serbia a month prior to that and the role requirements fitted well. I then met with Nick and Marko in Nis for a chat and general information about the company which then led to an interview with Leonard.
  • How was your life in the UK? What would you say is the biggest difference between the UK and Serbia?
– My life in the UK was varied, to say the least. I lived in Leicester and spent 5 years in London, where I also went to University. I then “left” the UK to work abroad for a large tour operator ‘Thomas Cook’ which no longer exists. I saw many countries and loved every moment (Kos, Tenerife, Tunisia, Rhodos, Italy, Spain). I then decided to come back to the UK for good and find, what everyone calls, “a proper job”.  Not long after that my journey takes me away from the UK yet again but this time to my home country. It’s too early to be able to say about the biggest differences, but the tempo of life is definitely slower in Serbia and it will take some time getting used to.
  • You went to school in the UK, correct?
– I did. I was 11 when I left Serbia. I started school halfway through year 6 of primary school. I went on to secondary school, college and finally graduated with BaHons in Tourism management at The University of Greenwich.
  • You travelled a lot. Do you feel that helped your career?
– Of course, and a great deal too. I’ve learnt so much about different cultures and dealing with people. My job as an overseas representative has provided me with all my people skills that I now possess and also helped in my self-confidence.
  • Now, tell us something more about your work experience. What were you doing before becoming a Project Manager?
– I started working from the age of 15 and haven’t stopped since. Most of my career life has been spent in hospitality. Everything I have ever done has had customer service at the core of it. I have worked in a coffee bar, cafe at the train station, I have worked as a waitress in many establishments, my favourite time was spent working for an agency as I had the chance to work at some amazing events and I even served the Queen champagne at the Commonwealth day 2010. Then I was an overseas representative, came back and worked in a pub for a while before I moved to a country hotel to be a Food & Beverage supervisor, and then I worked as an Events Manager at The Freemasons Hall in Leicester before I moved to Serbia and worked as a teacher online for a bit.
  • What are your expectations about working at TechBear?
– I expect to learn lots as IT is an area that I definitely have scope for improvement in.
  • We’re very glad to have you and we hope you will enjoy working at TechBear!

-Thank you!

We are very excited to be growing at such a pace and can’t wait to see what the future holds with spreading our market worldwide. We hope you will love Milly as much as we do.