TechBear’s Room Escape from the Museum of Vojvodina

Museum Escape: the Secret of Immortality

For the first time ever in the world of Room Escape Games, fans will be able to play the ”Museum Escape: the Secret of Immortality” within an actual Museum of Vojvodina setup in Novi Sad. The whole project is done in cooperation with the “Room Escape Novi Sad by Fox in a Box” company. The setting is quite unique and immersive as it allows the players to learn more about the exhibition, history, and culture all the while they solve logical puzzles. Every Monday, from 13th March till 13th May, this game has three free slots in the Museum of Vojvodina for everyone interested. The teams should consist of 3-6 people.

As you can imagine, we at TechBear who have already enjoyed the puzzles of “Room Escape Novi Sad by Fox in a Box”, just had to try out something that promises such an interesting experience as we get to search for the secret of immortality. We all applied for the Facebook raffle competition and won the free slot for the “Museum Escape: the Secret of Immortality” on 8th April. It truly was a wonderful day for puzzles and history.

Obviously, we cannot possibly reveal the details of this game but what we can say is that it’s absolutely and amazingly fun! It was nothing like we had experienced before. The whole Museum is your playground and it’s necessary to find the clues among the actual exhibition pieces; without touching the pieces themselves! And, as you can expect, the place is huge. It’s easy to get lost in the rooms but you have your guide to help you along the way – if you earn that right, of course.

The premise for the “Museum Escape: the Secret of Immortality” states that there’s a “secret of immortality” hidden somewhere in the museum that no one managed to find so far. People who get the opportunity to play this Room Escape game will be able to try and discover whether the secret truly exists or it’s just a myth – until the clock runs out.

P 3 - TechBear’s Room Escape from the Museum of Vojvodina

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