TechBear’s Website of the Month Award: Magnetic Capital

Every month, TechBear wants to give credit to the one website and client that stood out from the crowd.

For the month of April, the TechBear’s Website of the Month Award goes to Magnetic Capital! Working with the Magnetic Cap team has been great.

They answered a few of our questions:


1. What led you to found a privately held real estate investment and development company?

“The ability to control my own destiny and cause disruption in the commercial real estate industry.”


2. What motivates you to continue and try to make changes within the real estate industry?

“I have an immense passion for creating meaningful interactions with people from all walks of life. From a micro level, I can create tremendous value for my partners by thinking outside the box and delivering consistent results. From a macro level, by making an investment in the repositioning or development of the commercial real estate, I have the ability to do something that is profound and will make a lasting impression on society.”


3. What kind of difference do you believe your website revamp will make for your company?

“My website helps showcase the work and passion I put into all of my projects. It’s a roadmap to understanding Who We Are but only scratches the surface when understanding the impact we are looking to create on this world. “


4. How was your experience working with TechBear?

“Working with TechBear was a tremendous experience. Michelle and her team understood our mission and values and helped encapsulate them into the design of my website.”


We appreciate you as our client. Thank you for working with us!

Month Award Bear 300x300 - TechBear’s Website of the Month Award: Magnetic Capital

TechBear’s Website of the Month Award goes to Magnetic Cap!

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