Attracting visitors to a website can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be that way. For businesses just starting to develop a marketing strategy, blogging is an excellent inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website and at the same time create content to post to your social media accounts regularly. B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t. When a blog is managed well, it boosts your inbound leads and also helps with higher search engine rankings. Google loves frequent content with meaty buzzwords and relevant keywords, so you will see major improvements with your SEO. Adding humor to your articles or interviewing your team members can help readers to gain insight into the internal culture of the company.

Here are a few reasons why you should update your blog regularly:

  • It keeps you relevant and drives traffic to your website

The more frequently you post articles, the chances are higher that someone will come across a topic of their interest. Each new blog post creates another indexed page on your website, therefore giving your website a better opportunity to show up in search engines more frequently and drive traffic to your website.

You can take this to the next level by sharing blog posts on social media keeping your Facebook or Instagram accounts active as well. Sharing content on social media gives people opportunity to comment and share your posts, therefore reaching an even wider audience without spending a penny on marketing campaigns.

  • It showcases knowledge

By regularly posting content about certain trends in your business you generate trust and inspire confidence in your brand.

For example, if you have an online essential oil store you can write about the health benefits of different scents, if you are a web-hosting service, you can update your blog with articles about quick fixes to common server issues, etc. People generally like to be informed about what they are paying for and they will appreciate you sharing useful information about your industry.

  • It improves SEO and page rankings 

Consistent publishing on your blog will boost your SEO. The more frequently you update your site with new articles, the better for your site indexing and ranking in search engines as they constantly crawl for fresh content.

Using a wide range of keywords related to your business to increase your chances to be found on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Also, don’t forget to publish your posts on social media, as mentioned before, since this also improves your SEO ranking.

  • It starts a conversation

Always have your audience in mind when writing your blog posts. Topics should be interesting not only to be read but also to start a discussion in your comment section. That way your readers can interact with each other and create a virtual community, thus tightening their bonds with your company. You can start a discussion by asking direct or indirect questions that would encourage people to give feedback and share their opinion. By asking questions, you also show that you are genuinely interested in helping them.

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