Lately, whatever we are looking for – whether it is a new restaurant, a tourist attraction, a store, or any other kind of business – we look it up online. After we read through the official webpage, we are curious what other people think about the services, so we often peruse social media reviews, customer comments, or just a friendly voice of the more personal, social media posts of the business. Therefore, if your business is missing this incredible modern-day marketing tool – you are missing out on potentially thousands of clients.

According to an infographic published by Ambassador, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

Here are some reasons why your business should apply social media marketing as a way of spreading out the word and gaining a bigger client-base:


Setting up an account on every social media platform is free and quite simple. You can simply start out by posting pictures of products with a description (you can make it witty or formal, depending on your client-base) and slowly get into paid advertisements. Even if it seems like a lot of money at once – since more than a third of the whole world’s population uses at least one form of social media – you can be sure that you’ll reach more people than with a simple newspaper ad. You should always start small to see what you should expect, to make sure you have a good return on investment (ROI).

Brand awareness

Many well-known chief marketing officers believe that social media impacts awareness, loyalty, and of course, sales. You should choose a social media platform that you know your client-base uses most often (if not all platforms). Instagram and Pinterest are more informal and focus on visuals, while LinkedIn and Twitter are more appropriate for companies that have a more serious client-base and a formal approach. Start networking with others, it will significantly increase your brand recognition. 91% of business owners claimed that after adopting social media marketing their brand visibility has significantly increased – these platforms can widen your audience in no time.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

A lot of people prefer chatting instead of calling. You should acknowledge this and be prepared that clients will try to solve an issue or simply ask a product-related question through a message instead of resolving it via phone. Social media messaging is instant and hassle-free, so it is a good way to connect with your customers and show how much you care by quickly answering to every query. Try to have as much information as possible already available to decrease the number of messages in your inbox but be prepared that not everyone reads through everything on your page before enquiring. By resolving issues quickly and efficiently you are improving brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Increased Traffic

You can use social media as a way to drive traffic to your website by providing a link to it. A high click-through rate (CTR) means that your social media is engaging many individuals – that is a way you can measure your business’ social media efficacity. You can also post articles or quotes related to your niche – this kind of content will drive more people towards you and your website.

Enhanced SEO

Last, but not least, your SEO will drastically improve by staying relevant and posting regularly on your social media page. It affects how well your website ranks on various search engines since social media profiles have the power rank in the top 10 results. They work as a doorway to your business website by showing your “human side” where people can easily reach you.

To conclude, having a strong social media presence is more important than ever. It is a great, cost-effective way to stay relevant and engage with your customers and clients in a friendly way, therefore raising brand awareness, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

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