Tips for Working from Home

For some, working from home was an unattainable wish, while others loved going to the office, seeing their coworkers every day, and having a designated space just for work. Regardless of our feelings towards working from home, we all unexpectedly got to try it out due to the well-known situation.

It is great to spend more time at home – we have more free time for our hobbies and self-improvement. However, there are parents with kids who have to find time for home-schooling, while cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry at the same time – which makes this current situation difficult to manage for some. Also, we need to keep the productivity up – even when we live alone – regardless of the change of workspace.

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That is why we came up with some tips that can help you stay focused:

⦁ Change into work clothes
We are creatures of habit and being in pajamas associates us with sleeping or having a day off. Even if it seems unnecessary to wear your best outfit when no one is watching, it helps your mind shift from “leisure mode” to “work mode”. Putting on makeup and fixing your hair also wakes you up and makes you feel like you have something important to do – which you do.

⦁ Create a schedule and stick to it
Just like when you get into the office, make yourself a cup of coffee and start with tasks that you would normally start with. Having a shared online calendar with your co-workers, keeping a planner for yourself, or making to-do lists all do the trick. There is something hugely satisfying about crossing out tasks from a good old paper planner, but if you prefer technology (and if you work in IT you probably do) you can always use one of the many apps or platforms designed for making your life easier.

⦁ Establish boundaries
It is also important to talk to your roommate/partner/kids about boundaries – with kids it can be very tricky, especially if they are young, but keeping them entertained with toys or cartoons or if they are older – some chores or school tasks might help. If you live with roommates tell them not to come to your room unannounced and only talk to them when you are having a break or after your “office hours”.

⦁ Have a work nook or a home office
Some people will probably need to get crafty and build themselves a nook which is designated entirely for work. Get yourself a desk and a comfy chair – do not work from the same place that you associate with sleep or relaxation. Having a separate space for work – just like with clothes, as mentioned before – helps you separate work time from leisure, therefore keeping you focused on the task at hand.

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⦁ Have regular check-ins with your colleagues
When you are working with a group of people in an office it is easy to ask for help when you hit a wall – all you have to do is ask someone to come to your desk. But now that you cannot do that, having regular check-ins with your colleagues and discussing the issues that you come across is essential. Everything is easier when you work as a team.

⦁ Take regular breaks
It is easy to get lost in time and forget to rest while working from home. Breaks keep you from burning out and help you increase productivity and creativity levels. If you do not have a work-life balance, you will be too exhausted to do a good job.

⦁ Eat well and drink plenty of water
Now that you are at home and near your kitchen, try to make yourself a healthy meal instead of grabbing a fatty burger from the closest fast-food chain or getting a snack from a vending machine. You can prepare meals after work so you can take the appropriate amount of time for lunch break and put them in the freezer for the next day. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water helps with concentration and beats drowsiness.

These are the tips that we hope will help you overcome some difficulties of working from home – they help our team at TechBear stay focused on their work so they can provide excellent service to you.

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands!

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