Digital marketing is in constant movement with technological innovations, changes in social media, new design techniques, novelties in the way of addressing and communicating with the public, selling products, etc. These movements and changes also need to be present in your marketing campaigns if you want your brand to stand out from the competition. For this, it is essential to keep up with the marketing trends for 2019 before they arrive. In addition, knowing these trends will give you direction on proper marketing investment.

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Marketing trends for 2019 you need to follow:

1. Business Intelligence

The investment in Business Intelligence will completely change your marketing strategy. Essentially, you’ll be making use of the optimal tools for your company. As you stay focused on the analysis, it will allow you to discover, catalog and interpret the data correctly to facilitate decision making.

2. DMP Technology (Data Management Platform)

This gives you a very precise idea of when, how and in which phase of the conversion funnel you should to provide impact for the client. In addition, it allows you to connect the traffic of all your channels in a single platform. The key is to secure the clients’ information, as well as use it intelligently. To take full advantage of the DMP, you must improve your website SEO in order to boost the conversion rates and processes.

3. Big data

It has been one of the main marketing trends in 2018 and will continue to be in 2019. The essence of digital marketing is based on Big Data.

4. Personalized and customer-oriented content

Content will continue to be a fundamental part of marketing trends for 2019, but now it aims to achieve a personalized experience for the consumer. It tries to escape from the traditional static content and offer a more dynamic one. This way you will obtain a better performance of your campaigns.

5. Visuals, visuals and more visuals

Everything is becoming more and more visual: infographics work better than a text, a video or a GIF than a static image, and so on. People already prefer to ‘see’ than to ‘read’. This is the reality and the sooner you apply it to your campaigns the better it will be for your brand recognition.

6. Voice and search marketing

This is one of the most important marketing trends for 2019. It has a significant impact on SEO since voice search is becoming increasingly important.

7. Mobile marketing

We cannot deny that the mobile phone has become the main tool that people use today to make queries, browse online and even buy products/services. Therefore, mobile marketing must be at the center of the 2019 strategy!

8. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will become part of the marketing strategies of 2019, although it had already begun to form marketing strategies in 2018.

9. Microinfluencers

These are influencers who do not have a massive reach but who have followers of better quality and more specific view/needs. Therefore, their message sounds more natural, thus generating a greater commitment to the brand.

10. Experiential Marketing

This has already been the trend of 2018 but it will continue to be a strong one in 2019 as well. Basically, companies seek to approach their target audience with memorable experiences in order to show their true value.

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