Erie Town Center

Erie Town Center, a vibrant commercial hub nestled at the Southwest corner of Erie Parkway and County Line Road in Colorado, stands as a testament to innovative urban design and community-driven commerce. With a sprawling 95,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, flex, and office spaces, Erie Town Center caters to the diverse needs of small businesses, start-ups, and established brands, offering them an unparalleled platform to thrive. What sets Erie Town Center apart is not just its expansive retail spaces but also the thoughtful integration of live-work options, creating a holistic ecosystem that supports both professional and personal aspirations.

TechBear is proud to have designed and built the Erie Town Center website, providing a digital gateway to this exciting hub of activity. With our ongoing maintenance and hosting services, we ensure that Erie Town Center’s online presence mirrors the energy and vitality of the physical space, offering a seamless experience for businesses and visitors alike.



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