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TechBear is adamant about the importance of branding as well as branding mistakes to avoid on numerous occasions. In that respect, using Instagram to improve your business brand is becoming more and more popular among modern-day businesses. If you want to learn about the best Instagram practices in this regard, keep on reading.

The benefits of color transitioning

It doesn’t really matter what your business niche is; jumping on the Instagram bandwagon can present a huge difference in the way you boost your business and reach your target audience. This picture-based platform is perfect for creating a unique and engaging representation of your company. People are visual beings and find images to be some of the most interesting and attractive types of content nowadays. However, if you want to utilize Instagram to improve your business brand, you need to think about color transitioning. Of course, you’re free to use good-quality photos for your Instagram account the way you see fit. But, to boost the flow and attractiveness of your profile, make sure that the next image always has at least one color from the previous one.

Add your business purpose

Balance in marketing and branding is everything. So, just like you should do your best to fill your Instagram account with beautiful pictures your followers would readily reward with a heart, you still need to think about conversions. After all, boosting the conversion rate is one of the main marketing goals for any business. That being said, it’s important to add the purpose of your business through pictures, not just great captions. Depending on what you do, you can sneak in a picture every now and then that showcases your niche properly. On the other hand, you can add details to your usual imagery that explain your business purpose effectively.

Develop a strong personality that’s recognizable

A strong brand image and voice are the main ingredients of a proper branding strategy. When using Instagram for this particular purpose, you want to choose and plan what kind of vibe or personality you want to show to your followers. You have to be consistent about this though. So, you have to carefully analyze your overall business and decide what kind of attitude, image, and voice you want to have on this (and every other) social media channel. Obviously, you will use visuals in order to make the most out of Instagram to improve your business branding and showcase your personality.

Effective medium on Instagram to improve your business brand

Aside from the regular photos, Instagram has other content mediums available as well, such as videos, stories and multi-photo photos. Just like your choice of colors, it’s also important that you choose your medium(s) wisely. Of course, you can start by utilizing every medium available on Instagram. However, as you grow your followers and want to improve your business branding even more, you want to consider the choice of mediums as well. If you find that one particular medium showcases your content a lot better than others, you may want to shift to using it more often.

Quick Instagram tips

Images. Take care of them! Instagram is a visual network, so it is the images that sell.

Filters. Sometimes they are truly a temptation, we know. But do not use too many of Instagram filters. Try to upload clean images that reflect your work environment and finished projects as true to real life as possible. Filters can be OK if you want to have fun with your images. Still, your main goal should be the true presentation of your skills and expertise.

Content. To boost your brand on Instagram, upload funny, friendly, optimistic images that convey your company’s culture.

Values. Every brand operates around their values. Instagram is one of the best social media channels to showcase these values. Even if you think that your specific business niche can’t profit from Instagram activity, you may end up surprised at how strong brand personality you can create, simply by promoting your company’s values through images.

Photo caption. Use the photo caption for each image you upload to convey your brand’s message and engage your followers as well.

Hashtags. Always use them to classify your photographs. Try to establish some of your own company’s hashtags that will define your brand and your employees. Don’t forget, your employees probably have Instagram accounts as well, and with a proper brand hashtag, you can reach your target market more effectively.

Instagram stories. Use this great resource to show images/videos of your teamwork in full blast. What’s more, Instagram stories are a great way to include testimonials from satisfied customers.

And the winner is… If you want to make the most out of this social media channel and use Instagram to improve your business brand, you have to be consistent with your publishing. You also have to be a bit more personal and casual compared to Facebook, for example. After all, Instagram is all about the engaging images. Therefore, don’t forget to show your company’s life through the world of visuals as well.

3 express solutions for bad Instagram posts:

#1 Use Instagram Insights to determine the right posting time

You may be absolutely positive that your Instagram posts are amazing. The pictures are great, your short videos offer engaging content and your posts are generally motivational and relatable. If that’s the case, the reason for your seemingly bad Instagram posts may be the wrong posting time. That being said, a special Instagram tool called Instagram Insights can help you determine the best posting time for your group of followers. Basically, this tool will tell you at what point during the day your followers are the most active. You can use this information to place your content right in front of your audience when they’ll actually be able to see it.

#2 Demographic-specific content for your Instagram page

Your Instagram posts may not be necessarily bad but perhaps they’re not tailored to your specific follower demographics. You can use Instagram Insights in this case too in order to get valuable data such as age, gender, location, etc. of your followers. Once you learn the demographic, you can adjust your posts effectively. For example, if you have a fitness business and your goal is to attract moms who wish to get fit, you should post content that’s relevant to them. You definitely wouldn’t need bodybuilder images or heavy lifting videos for this particular demographic. Take a look at who your followers are, as well as what followers you want for your Instagram profile.

#3 Analyze your past Instagram posts

Even though you had some bad Instagram posts (posts that didn’t perform that well) there will undoubtedly be some posts that had some kind of a success. If you want to succeed in what you do, you have to learn from both your failure and success. In that respect, you can get valuable insight from posts that didn’t work in any way to boost your business. It’s clear that you don’t need posts of that specific nature on your Instagram. On the other hand, you can reuse, repurpose and expand those posts that actually marked obvious success. Of course, don’t forget to address the posting time when analyzing your posts as well.

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