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One of our community service projects is the website we did for Walnut Lane Film Festival.

The Walnut Lane Film Festival is an event run by the Princeton Education Foundation, an organization supporting private philanthropy for the purposes of bettering public education for students at all levels, along with the Princeton Public Schools, an association of public schools in the Princeton area.

The festival allows John Witherspoon Middle and Princeton High School students to showcase their original short films.

Aside from creating the website, TechBear additionally created a logo, flyers and posters for the event.

The TechBear team hopes to do their part in encouraging young creators to express their views, ideas and thoughts through the world of images, music and words.

After all, the whole purpose of Walnut Lane Film Festival is to fuse the modern-day technology with the
traditional aspect of creativity, and have middle and high school students show that this fusion is not only possible, but bears very fruitful results.

Their website contains films from previous years as well as the opportunity to complete a submission if you’d like to take part in the festival. You can also find the list of sponsors and TechBear’s mention on the said page.

TechBear is honored to be a part of such a creative movement that celebrates individuality and the sharing of ideas. We hope that the posters and flyers we designed will be a key attraction for the young creators to bring in an audience and show their work to the world, while expressing themselves through their film. We wish the Walnut Lane Film Festival well and look forward to the use of their new website.

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