TechBear’s Website of the Month Award: My Space Reclaimed, LLC

Every month, TechBear wants to give credit to the one website and client that stood out from the crowd.

For the month of January, the TechBear’s Website of the Month Award goes to My Space Reclaimed! Working with Maristella Bertram, MBA, CPO® has been great.

She answered a few of our questions:

1. What inspired you to start your own home organization business?

“Organization is who I am rather than what I do. I realized this is not the case for so many and that I could use this trait to help others for whom organization does not come as naturally (or joyfully!). My Space Reclaimed, LLC was born in 2014.”

2. Is there general advice for taking the right steps towards a clutter-free environment?

“Living clutter free is a way of living. If you do not possess this lifestyle but aspire to have it, then your mindset needs to shift. For this to happen, you need to be mentally and spiritually ready. Start by clearly understanding your reasons to engage in the process at this moment. We are energetically connected to everything we own. Shaking up this energy is vital if we want to move forward in life and open up the space for new and better opportunities.”

3. What kind of difference did your website revamp make for your business?

“I really felt I needed to change the image of my business to speak to the right people I wanted to attract. I knew what I wanted in terms of the look and feel but I knew nothing about the technicalities and what was possible (or how to achieve it). My fabulous TechBear team did a stellar job at explaining everything I possibly needed to know to help me make the best decisions. Together, we totally recreated my previous website and the product is the phenomenal website I have now, that comprises all the technical components to make it compliant and efficient with everything it needs to be and that helps me speak to the right audience. Potential clients are talking to me about their impressions of my business before we have even met. I can attest that their impressions are perfectly aligned with what I want them to feel, know, and think about my business.”

4. Has working with TechBear’s SEO and social media specialists affected your business in any way?

“Then came the marketing initiative… There’s no point in having a stellar website if no one sees it, right? My TechBear team optimized all my posts and images, both on the website as well as all my social media channels. They created business pages for me on those channels and planned for posts to be scheduled going forward. For too long, I had been trying to make fire with two wet sticks, so to speak (and with no results, actually). It has been formidable to work with this team of experts, letting them do for me what they absolutely know how to do. Now I am getting inquiries from my website because people find me. I’m getting inquiries from my social media channels and also from other places where I advertise online because I appear often, thanks to the SEO work done.”

5. What are your plans for the future when business growth is concerned?

“I look forward to expanding the concept of organization for the general public to understand the coaching aspect of this industry as well as its energetic component. As a Certified Professional Organizer, I am into finding the root-cause of disorganization in my clients’ lives and in teaching them the skills that will last a lifetime. As a Feng Shui Consultant and Designer, I witness the amazing shifts in energy resulting from decluttering and organizing. In terms of the scope and reach of my business, I truly hope to be able to engage many more people with my work by means of my social media channels and be able to coach clients remotely as well.

Thanks for this honor!”

Month Award Bear - TechBear's Website of the Month Award: My Space Reclaimed, LLC

TechBear’s Website of the Month Award goes to My Space Reclaimed!

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