TechBear’s Website of the Month Award: Sapphire Cancellation

Every month, TechBear wants to give credit to the one website and client that stood out from the crowd.

For the month of February, the TechBear’s Website of the Month Award goes to Sapphire Cancellation! Working with the Sapphire team has been great.

They answered a few of our questions:

1. What led you to start a timeshare cancellation business?

“We started Sapphire in 2018 to address one of the most annoying aspects of timeshare cancellation, which is that cancellation companies operate in much the same way as timeshare companies operate – using high-pressure sales tactics and less-than-honest salespeople. Our new and brutally honest approach to selling our services has distinguished us from just about everyone on the block, and it’s the key to our success thus far.”

2. Is there general advice you’d share with people who are dealing with a timeshare contract?

“Our advice is to read “The 7 things you need to know before you cancel your timeshare contract.” This article will help anyone dealing with an unwanted timeshare, even if they choose to work with a firm other than Sapphire.”

3. What kind of difference did your website revamp make for your business?

“Our revamped website has made a tremendous difference. We love the site now and TechBear’s web designers are quick to make any changes we need to make – and they do it at a very affordable cost.”

4. Has working with TechBear’s SEO and digital marketing specialists affected your business in any way?

“TechBear’s SEO has transformed our marketing efforts in a major way. After only one month’s time, we estimate that our marketing expenses have been halved, while our leads have almost doubled!”

5. What are your plans for the future when business growth is concerned?

“Our goal is to increase our marketing budget from $200 per day to $2000 per day. We anticipate reaching that goal within the next six months – thanks to TechBear!”

Month Award Bear 300x300 - TechBear's Website of the Month Award: Sapphire Cancellation TechBear’s Website of the Month Award goes to Sapphire Cancellation!

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