Website PR and DA: What You Need to Know

The websites are key elements on the Internet, and these have become a very useful tool, both in everyday life and in business. If you own a website and want to be present on the Internet, many things must be taken into account; this time, we’ll deal with the workings of website PR and DA.

How do website PR and DA work and what should you know about them?

The PageRank and the Domain Authority are indispensable terms that must be taken into consideration if a website is to be successful. To better understand these concepts, you should consider the following:

What are website PR and DA?

The PR of a website, also known as PageRank is an algorithmic system created by Google to qualify the relevance of a particular document or a particular website. This set of algorithms uses a numerical range from 0 to 10 to make such a measurement. In this sense, a website that is starting its presence on the Internet starts with a PR of 0 and goes up as it obtains external links.

The DA stands for Domain Authority and is a term that is used to determine how reliable is a web page, taking as reference a range that goes from the 0 to the 100; said measurement system was developed by SEOMoz, where the website with the highest DA score will be better positioned than those with lower DA.

How does the website PR work?

The PR of a website is based on the incoming links that the page has; this could be taken by an authority that is based on hyperlinks. This is how the pages with the most incoming links are the ones that will have a higher PR. However, the authority and quality of the website where the outgoing hyperlink points to also influence the measurement, being able to provide more or less value to the link and to PageRank.

The value of the links is determined through the mathematical algorithms of Google, and its exact value is unknown. However, it is known that this system is exponential; basically, going from a PR 4 to 5 is much more complicated. Also, hyperlinks must go from one page to another, and can be placed in the form of text or graphics, but it’s essential that they are in HTML format, so that they can be considered for the PageRank.

How does the website DA work?

The Domain Authority works through the tools provided by its developer SEOMoz, which determines when the content of a web page is of good quality and totally reliable. In this sense, the metrics that are taken into account to measure the DA are based on the application of efficient SEO strategies, which can be a challenge, since this feature promotes the competitiveness of websites in search engines.

Some of the SEO techniques that strengthen the authority of the domain are:

  • Have as many inbound links as a web page with high authority.
  • The content of the web page must be interesting, top-quality, and valuable to the end-user.
  • Get the users to share your content on social media, so that the site can gain popularity.

These factors are the most relevant for the proper functioning of the website domain authority. However, there are many other SEO techniques, which have an influence on improving the positioning of a particular website in search engines.

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