What to Expect from Cloud App Integration Platform, Zoho Flow

If you’re in the serious business and try to manage all your employees, users, and their tasks, you know just how time-consuming these processes can be. Fortunately for modern-day businesses, Zoho has come up with a drag-and-drop integration platform which connects and automates workflows and the exchange of data. The platform is called Zoho Flow.

As the name suggests, the platform lets its users create Flows, or workflow integrations. Obviously, no prior knowledge of code is necessary. What’s more, pre-built Flows can help a lot if users aren’t quite sure where to start.

In general, this particular cloud app integration platform allows the businesses to make the most out of their time, thus boosting their efficiency and income.

In Zoho Flow you can expect the following:

User-friendly builder

Have you built integrations before? If you have, you know how complicated the process can be. Thanks to this innovative and easy-to-use Zoho platform, integrating apps have turned into a seamless task with no unnecessary hassle. All you have to do is drag and drop the needed apps into the builder. As you get a visual representation of the workflows, you can edit and arrange them to suit you and your team(s) the best. App coordination and workflow management have never been more efficient!

Triggers, actions, and connections

Essentially, every Flow that you make has its own trigger and one (or more) actions. The trigger basically presents the even that has started the whole workflow while the action(s) is/are the task(s) that logically follow(s). For instance, this particular Flow can be shown in the simplest example of a ticket being created and starting the whole workflow while the following action would automatically be the notification sent to the team and their communication channel.

Logic and custom functions

The platform also offers a whole comprehensive range of rather powerful and effective logic and custom functions. Thanks to these, it’s possible to use branching, make the actions time-based and generally keep track of the tiniest details within the workflow. It’s not necessary to know the code in order to use these features, but if you know how to use it or have a developer on your time, you can make the most out of custom codes as well. Functions can be custom-coded thanks to Zoho’s programming language called Deluge.

Sharing and collaboration within the organization

Thanks to the high functionality of Zoho Flow, workflows can be tracked and monitored from all the teams and team members. In that respect, employees will save a ton of time as they’ll be able to address the progress of each and every task assigned to different users from their own screen. What’s more, it’s possible to be a part of different team accounts which opens the doors for even more functionality and fast checkups.

Analytics and history

Since it’s possible to track the progress within the Flow, it’s obviously possible to access the metric analytics and history of the issued tasks and workflows put in motion. This allows the manager to oversee the nature of the workflows and pinpoint the areas that may need some improvement; in the same vein, they can find what approaches work the best for more effective process resolutions within the Flow.

Business apps and Flow gallery

We mentioned that there are pre-built Flow templates but not how many. Users can count on 200 different templates to make their jobs a lot easier and more efficient. There are also 90 web applications featured within this platform. This easily covers the majority of business automation across the industries. What’s more, each Flow can be modified to suit the users’ specific needs.

Pricing and Availability

You can get Zoho Flow as a web app. Obviously, you can choose a free plan, but if you want something even better, a paid monthly plan per organization starts at $10.

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