TechBear can accomplish all your WordPress/Woo work with live phone support and NO recurring charges

You only pay for what you use.

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Running an Agency is tough. You have huge swings in business, sales can never stop, and good partners are hard to find.

That’s why we created TechBear’s White Label Program.

Special Agency Pricing and dedicated Project Managers and Developers available.

Dev hours a month between 0-500. We have the people to handle the overflow.

Use us when you have extra work, then no overhead costs during the slow times.

Deep experience in WordPress, Woo, PHP, CSS, Graphc Design, technical SEO, etc.

Expertise when you need it, and no overhead when you don’t.

Focus on your core business. Make it easier to provide a great service.

We LOVE to work with professional agencies.

You take care of the C suite conversations and sales, let us take care of the busy work behind the scenes.
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3 Ways TechBear works with Agencies:



White Label

Referral: Simply refer clients to us and receive a good commission on all work. VERY competitive rates, contact us for details. The easiest method out there. You can go on to get the next client. No overhead, no worries, no mess.

Partnership: We work together with the client directly. Best for speed and no hassle for you. Our experienced Project Managers and DEV team will make your clients happy and dramatically reduce your work load.

White Label: We are behind the scenes and support you all the way. You handle the client and we handle any tasks sent by you, entirely behind the scenes. Best for building up your brand with ZERO overhead.

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