Obviously, keeping your site updated is essential for complete security, but the fact of the matter remains that update, and especially WordPress 5.0 update, can also damage your site.

Of course, there are several important steps that you can take in order to further protect your website and ensure that your content and site appearance will remain intact even after the update.

The following steps are vital for keeping your site issues-free and helping you avoid any stress resulting from a hasty update.

With WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg editor) the changes to your site will be huge. This is especially important to take note of when you’re using a Divi theme that involves its own builder.

Make sure to back up your website

Prior to any change you want to make you need to back up your website! Actually, you need to back up your site. Period. This is the best and the most effective way to keep your sanity and your site intact in case something unforeseen happens.

Any update can potentially break your website. With a backup ready, you won’t have to worry even if this scenario really happens. Basically, all you’ll have to do is use your back-up to restore the files. For a WordPress 5.0 update when a Divi theme is used, this is an absolute must! Don’t forget that.

Backing up your site doesn’t actually take too much of your time and the process is far from complicated. After all, there’s a bunch of tools available that can successfully back your site up. One of the most popular is definitely the plugin UpdraftPlus. You install and activate it just like you would any other plugin. In the UpdraftPlus Backups tab, you can quickly configure the settings and click the Back Now button for a painless process.

Remember just how easy this is before you make the mistake of updating or changing any part of your website! It can literally save your site if the worst comes to worst.

Play with the Gutenberg editor before the actual update

Gutenberg editor has been available as a plugin for quite some time now. This is precisely because it was important to check the compatibility of your Divi theme with the new editor. While there were some issues at first, fixes should have dealt with these initial bugs effectively.

As you probably already know, you can disable Gutenberg editor post WordPress 5.0 update and switch to the Classic editor with the special plugin. In that respect, even if you haven’t liked the way Gutenberg editor plays with your Divi theme, you can make the most out of the new update. But, experimenting with it is essential if you want to learn exactly what works for your particular website and what doesn’t.

Make use of the testing site

Testing (staging) site is everything! If you’re using a Divi theme, you have to rely on a testing site in order to check just how your website is going to behave with the new update. It’s relatively easy to check the compatibility of your site with Gutenberg when you have your backup ready. Simply transfer your backup to the testing site and begin experimenting.

Make sure to check every single aspect of your site in order to confirm the compatibility (or incompatibility) with the Gutenberg. This doesn’t only include front end, but pay attention to all the page elements and different posts as well.

For a Divi theme website, you want to make sure that no aspect of your site and content is broken post the WordPress 5.0 update.

Check the compatibility for all your plugins

Similarly to your Divi theme, your plugins are not guaranteed to work with the WordPress update and Gutenberg editor 100%. Because of that, you should check the compatibility of your plugins as well.

Your testing site will come in handy in this case as well. Make sure to install the plugins one at a time. This will allow you a complete insight, both front and back end, into whether the plugin is working properly or not. The usual issues involve formatting so pay special attention to that. However, every plugin needs to be checked as Gutenberg editor combined with the said plugin and Divi theme may not be functional at all.

With page building, there’s even more work to be done. For a Divi user, it’s essential that you keep your builder updated to the latest version available. Only this will show the real situation on your testing site. Not to mention that it’s usually the last version that’s actually compatible with the WordPress 5.0 update and Gutenberg.

There’s no need to delay your update, especially since WordPress 5.0 is one of the more important changes that you’ll have to make. In that respect, sooner than later is always better. But that also means that you should prepare your website for the update as soon as possible as well. Make sure that you utilize a test site for all the Gutenberg compatibility checks involving your Divi theme and plugins, and whatever you do, always back up your data!