After the WordPress 5.0 update which switched to the Gutenberg editor, there were still some bugs and fixes that had to be taken care of urgently. This is precisely why WordPress came up with a 5.01 update on December 13th followed by a regular 5.02 update on December 19th. Even though one could install Classic editor plugin to deal with the issue of Gutenberg, there were other problems that had to be addressed ASAP. This is where WordPress 5.01 and 5.02 updates should help.

WordPress 5.01 update

Those of you who still haven’t updated WordPress to 5.01 should do so immediately. This was a security release that fixed seven security vulnerabilities, and some of them were pretty serious. Together with WordPress 5.01, update WordPress 4.9.9 was also released to fix the similar issues for the 4.x WordPress versions.

The issues included:

  1. Sensitive data exposure
  2. PHP object injection
  3. Unauthorized post creation
  4. Privilege escalation/XSS
  5. Privileged XSS
  6. XSS that could impact some plugins
  7. Unauthorized file deletion

WordPress 5.02 update

In general, WordPress 5.02 update offers the same scope like the 5.01 but it also fixes some other issues. For starters, WordPress 5.02 will provide the fixes for Gutenberg 4.7 plugin. The scope also includes all Twenty Nineteen bugs and visual issues as well as some PHP 7.3 compatibility fixes.

Other potential issues will be regarded and dealt with as they arise, on a case-by-case basis. Essentially, tickets that come with patches, testing and screenshots will be given priority, as all available information is necessary for immediate work.

It’s paramount that you go with WordPress 5.01 and 5.02 updates as soon as possible after 5.0. If you’ve set up your WP on automatic updates, the process should have proceeded smoothly. The same goes for 4.x WordPress users and 4.9.9 update.

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