If you don’t know already, Zoho MarketingHub is your ideal solution for automating all of your marketing efforts and activities from across a bunch of different channels. In general, this particular software is an excellent aid when it comes to lead generation and nurturing. It can help you transform a lead into a loyal customer and actually retain those loyal customers.

In that respect, being able to actually install WordPress Zoho MarketingHub plugin is absolutely amazing! By doing so, you can instantly get access to website visitors’ behavior analysis, check their activities and attract their attention with the embedded signup forms.

WordPress Zoho MarketingHub plugin lets you add a web assistant

That said, the ability to completely analyze what the visitors to your site do and how they act and move can speak volumes for your marketing efforts. Thanks to the behavior tracking tool, you can literally personalize the experience for the visitors, making sure that certain events can be found on specific pages and precise goals established for certain visitors. As you clearly get to see what goals get accomplished and what missed, which visitors achieve and which miss, you can also personalize this journey, even more, making it more attractive and engaging all the way until you have yourself a lead transformed into a customer.

What’s more, you’re given the option to pick between different tracking volumes such as all website pages, specific pages only or pages under specific categories. There’s also the option to use a certain date for narrowing down your page tracking.

Capture the leads with the effective signup forms

WordPress Zoho MarketingHub plugin won’t only tell you info about the visitor’s behavior, but will also provide the quick solution for capturing the lead information via practical signup forms. Through the embedded signup forms you can instantly receive info and get it stored into the mailing list for your leads within your MarketingHub account.

Embedding of the signup forms is really easy as all you have to do is utilize the given shortcodes from your account. And an intuitive control within the WordPress CRM will let you handle the visibility of different forms so that you can put them up or hide them as you see fit.


You can get WordPress Zoho MarketingHub plugin here.

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