Zoho Analytics for Better Business Decisions

Zoho is thinking about modern businesses, which is precisely why they have graced the professional world with Zoho Analytics release, the perfect tool to improve business decisions based on the analytics reports. The effective mix of data blending and artificial intelligence seems to be the winning combination when it comes to thorough data analysis and utilization.

The new release and its user-friendly interface are made to cater to modern business needs of creating fast and detailed reports that are need-based and specific. Basically, new features are expected to boost both sales and productivity.

Make better business decisions with Zoho Analytics features:


One of the very unique and rather efficient new features of Zoho Analytics is the tool’s ability to auto-blend; this means taking tons of data from various different sources and fusing it into reports and dashboards, with a proper follow-up metrics. This is a true game changer for many businesses out there; end-to-end insights are now readily available across the departments within the same application. And Zoho Analytics does the job for both Zoho and third-party apps.

Ask Zia

The Analytics app brought to you by Zoho now also includes Zoho’s ML and AI technologies, Zia. Everyone who uses Zoho Analytics can now ask Zia questions relevant to the data, reports, and analytics in regards to their business. The answers come as a visual response.

Basically, Zia is capable of data auto-blending and can process questions across different business apps. Users can expect a range of possible answers and suggestions so that it’s easy for the users to choose the most relevant from the bunch. These also help with expanding the perspective on the question asked.


If you thought that the above-mentioned features are amazing, wait for this – forecasting! Zogo Analytics presents Predictive Analytics with forecasting abilities. This is extremely important for making better business decisions as it will provide a clear insight into future trends.

New Connectors

The number of connectors when it comes to third-party business apps is now over 100. Of course, each and single one of these connectors also has 100+ pre-built domain-specific reports and KPI dashboards. Neat! There will be plenty of benefits for many different businesses and departments:

  1. Social media agencies: Facebook Pages, Twitter handles, Twitter competitive analytics
  2. Marketing agencies: Bing Ads and Facebook Ads analytics
  3. HR leaders: Zoho People analytics

Enhanced Visualization

The existing 40+ charts have already been efficient and useful, but now, the Analytics app brings Geo-map charts for the purpose of visualizing local data better. What’s more, the entire look of the dashboard with an optional dark theme, flexible layouts, heatmaps, and dial gauges are also a part of the makeover and boosted user experience.


Aside from the cloud version, you can now welcome the installable on-premise edition for even more options. In-house stored data can be dealt with more effectively with an on-premise edition, which is especially useful for medium and large businesses. As you can expect, both Windows and Linux OS are supported.

Pricing and Availability

Zoho Analytics launch is fused with Zoho’s Customer Experience Platform which will unify Sales, Marketing, Support, and Operations under one interface. The perfect union of omnichannel customer engagement and real-time insight across departments has arrived on the market! There’s truly no better tool or higher standard in regards to pricing and customer experience. The Analytics is available as a plan at the starting $25 a month but is also a part of Zoho One.

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