Zoho MarketingHub Feeds Zoho CRM. Then, the CRM Boosts Your Sales Potential

We have already discussed Zoho MarketingHub far and wide on our blog. This is precisely because this particular software can make a huge difference in the way you do business. And if you utilize the software properly, you can count on the fact that your entire marketing team will bring in a lot more amazing results than you may be used to. After all, star software like this one perfectly matches the star team that makes your business so great. You already know that MarketingHub integrates with Zoho CRM. Thanks to the effective synchronization, the amount of work for the available information becomes extremely valuable. But, it’s not all about raw data.

Obviously, you get to learn plenty of important things such as:

  • How much time your leads spend on your business site
  • What’s their journey on your website and the number of clicks and pages they make
  • The success of certain email campaigns as opposed to those that haven’t resulted in much click-rate

But, the benefits don’t end there! When you combine information you learn from using Zoho MarketingHub with the Zoho CRM power and workflow automation, you can gather so much more:

  • The right way to generate and obtain a lead based on their website timing
  • The kind of products/services to place in front of them based on their page interest
  • The chances of the lead becoming a customer based on their email campaign behavior
  • What leads to focus on at which point in time

Of course, brilliant marketers can gather this particular data even with the info they get from Zoho MarketingHub. But, why waste precious time when Zoho CRM can do the work for you? And with the introduction of a blueprint, you can effectively manage the leads and place them into different modules to save even more time. Basically, when you’re using Zoho MarketingHub powered by Zoho CRM, the sky’s the limit for effective data translation into valuable actions by your marketing team.

So, what about Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Social? Do I still need them?

Great question! Of course, we already started that Zoho MarketingHub effectively fuses plenty of features that are characteristic for both Zoho Campaigns and Social. It efficiently boosts their functionality as well. But should you get rid of them?

Are you perhaps worried that Zoho is simply going to delete your old campaigns and marketing efforts? Don’t be. The course of action that Zoho takes is a complete improvement of existing apps and software by building itself upon them. That way, the users can easily switch between the apps. No one knows what the future may bring and at some point, Zoho MarketingHub, Zoho Social, and Zoho Campaigns may be fused into one single app. But at the moment, they’re working perfectly on their own and as a team. In all honesty, having just one app for all marketing strategies may not fit some companies all that well, as a form of overkill.

Look for MarketingHub in Zoho One

Zoho One includes all Zoho apps that have come out in order to bring this amazing and a rather affordable service to companies as a bundle, so that they can utilize the package fully. In that respect, you can only get even more value from using Zoho, and especially Zoho One when it comes to the harnessing of the power from Zoho MarketingHub and Zoho CRM. Basically, you will be able to feed website data generating through both apps and bring the knowledge to your teams quickly and easily. That’s really hard to beat for every marketing-conscious company.

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