One of the many Zoho tools allows the businesses to take a good look at their traffic and website activity and understand visitor behavior with heatmaps. Thanks to Zoho PageSense, you won’t have to guess about what interests the users and what distracts them. Finally, the complete set of heatmap features, as well as other useful aspects of the PageSense, will make reading into visitor engagement details on site easy and efficient.


You probably already know that every click counts when it comes to the engagement level and activity on your business website. However, heatmap of Zoho PageSense allows you to extract complete patterns when it comes to visitor clicks as well as observe the exact elements that attract the most attention from the visitors. In the same vein, you’ll also learn more about the elements that seem to get clicked on the least. Information like this one is absolutely essential in order to boost your website’s UX and UI, with the purpose of boosting sales. The use of clickmap (heatmap) in this case is paramount for A/B testing, too.



Just like clickmap, scrollmap of your website’s heatmap will tell you a lot about the traffic activity. For starters, in order to understand visitor behavior with heatmaps you need to know just how low they’ve gone when checking out your business website. One of the biggest issues for online business these days is a design fault that makes the visitors scroll too far low in order to reach the primary content or CTA, which often results with visitors leaving the site altogether before landing exactly where you want them. With the smart use of a scrollmap, businesses will be able to tell exactly how low their site visitors decided to scroll. This particular piece of info is valuable for some effective design tweaks.


Flexible report segmentation

Zoho PageSense hasn’t stopped with click and scrollmaps. In order to help businesses fully understand visitor behavior with heatmaps, PageSense also provides flexible report segmentation, which is an extremely useful feature for marketers. As one may imagine, the report will contain all the necessary data about the visitor count and activity, but that’s not all. Zoho PageSense allows you to include specific visitor sets and patterns into the report so that you can focus on one or more specific audience segments. What’s more, you are free to create your own custom filter for a super specific segmentation you may be interested in.


Cross-platform tracking

Finally, Zoho PageSense won’t only be useful for your desktop visitors. Everyone that gets access to your site and performs (or doesn’t perform) certain activities from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones will be cataloged and used for valuable data tracking. This means that you’ll get a complete insight into visitor behavior on your website with a cross-platform feature as well as a nifty report that you’ve previously segmented however you saw fit. When it comes to making the most out of your business website and transforming it with the end user in mind, there’s no better tool that Zoho PageSense to get a complete sense of all of your pages.


Wondering about the pricing? There are three different packages you can purchase. The pricing is visitor-based with Standard at $19 a month for 10,000 monthly visitors, Professional at $89 month for 50,000 visitors and Enterprise at $470 a month for 500,000 monthly visitors.

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