There has been some great news for all the Zoho users, and especially social media marketers, since Zoho Social turned into a powerful platform that provides useful metrics as well as synchronizes lead information from Facebook. Such a nifty solution packed lightly within Zoho CRM is definitely a nice surprise for everyone in the field of social media marketing. Not only is it possible to speed up the process of reports and analytics, but it’s rather easy to make on-the-spot changes to the social media strategies thanks to the information obtained from Zoho Social!


6 Biggest Highlights of Zoho Social updates

1. Richer Analytics

Users of Zoho Social are probably already familiar with the great usefulness of the Reports tab but there’s a reason why this platform turned into a powerful platform with the new updates. Amazingly, the Reports tab now also provides new data such as audience growth, post engagement, reach, impression and engagement, which is all neatly packed within a new interface for better UE. It’s rather simple to get quick summaries as well as get into more detailed reports across different social media channels.


2. Facebook Lightweight Integration and CRM field-mapping

Zoho Social has already been integrated with Facebook Ads but now the whole experience and the overall results are improved thanks to the update that brings both Lead Forms and CRM field mapping to the game. Basically, social media marketers now have the opportunity to track 20 different fields from Facebook and keep track of new leads in real time. Every piece of extra info is now available through Ad Campaign, Ad Set, Lead Form, and Ad Account as well as the possibility to run a new Lead Ad campaign from with the all-new Facebook Lightweight Integration.


3. Integration with Google My Business

Zoho Social turned into a powerful platform for social media marketers the moment it acknowledged the importance of GMB and enabled complete integration with the said channel. Thanks to that, now it’s possible to schedule and publish posts to GMB together with CTAs and even manage the feedback via Zoho Social.


4. Publishing Queues

Every social media marketer knows just how important it is to keep a consistent posting schedule on different social media channels. That said, Zoho Social introduced CustomQ, which saves the marketers time by allowing them to pin their posts on already predefined posting schedules.


5. zShare Browser Plugin

This is a life saver for many marketers out there. Finally, Zoho Social browser plugin allows the users to adjust and customize the posts for different social media channel within the same window and publish it all at the same time if they want!


6. Integration with Zoho Desk

An update like this one is particularly important for businesses who manage other clients, but it’s useful for anyone who wants to keep track of all activity related to the post in question. Basically, the integration with Zoho Desk makes it simple to convert any post into a support ticket.


Together with these updates, Zoho also announced their new Customer Experience Platform which is supposed to unify the Sales, Marketing, Support, and Operations.


Just at $10 a month, you can start using Zoho Social plan. There’s also the possibility to get a special plan starting at $1000 annually, or as a part of Zoho One.

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